If you’ve been keeping an eye on the media lately, you may have spotted a certain Samantha Brick playing us for fools with her professional troll tactics. Luckily, when she was invited onto This Morning to defend her wild claims, she met her match in Natasha Devon, co founder of ‘Body Gossip’.

Body Gossip aim to help promote a positive body image either in short films, live theatre events or in The Body Gossip Book. I only became aware of their work very recently, when they teamed up with Curvy Kate on their Body Love roadshow. I loved their t shirts, modeled beautifully by the Curvy Kate ‘Star In A Bra’ ladies:

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And so I decided I wanted in on the inspirational t shirt action – as did my boyfriend! We both decided on a ‘Be You Tiful’ rolled sleeve shirt – his pink, mine blue. I was worried about how a size ‘8-16’ t shirt would fit me, but luckily it worked out ok…

IMG_5767 IMG_5747 IMG_5757 IMG_5749 IMG_5768 IMG_5762

I did tuck my shirt in at the back to achieve a slightly more fitted flattering look, but all in all I loved how the shirt fitted – and I think that Mr FFFB was rather taken with his as well!

From what I know of Body Gossip, I love them. Their message and work is very inspiring and I hope they continue to spread the body positive message.
My only gripe would be that the ‘one size fits all’ t shirts will NOT fit all. However, it is a very new venture for them, and hopefully they will start to produce some other size options to fit each and every person who wants to spread a body positive message.

What do you think of Body Gossip? Would you wear one of their t shirts?


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