Introducing: Tutti Rouge

12 Apr

Recently, there has been a stirring amongst my fellow lingerie bloggers. Images from trade shows and press releases have been shared of a brand that is due to start hitting stores next month. I have seen images of laughing smiling models, wearing brightly coloured gorgeous sexy lingerie that appears to be available in larger cup sizes. Models that are slim and slender with curves, with smaller and larger back, augmented and natural breasts. Who is this magical brand? The answer…

IMG_1255 copy 2

“We would like to introduce you to a cute, curvaceous, fun, flirty and frilly lady ‐ Tutti Rouge.

Tutti Rouge will get the party started with one of the most exciting brand launches of the year, offering a stunning, fuller bust collection of coordinating lingerie available in DD – HH cups with 28” ­‐ 38” backs. The range has been lovingly created by lingerie designer Jessica Prebble. Previously Jessica has consistently delivered best styles for selected European brands and High Street retailers.

Tutti Rouge has already successfully trialled in several independent and online stores in the UK for AW12. The SS13 collection will debut with lingerie leader Bravissimo.

The emphasis for the brand is on fashion, fit and affordability. As Jessica says ‘Tutti Rouge will break a few hearts, but she won’t break the bank’.

Tutti Rouge calls to curvaceous, vivacious, fashion-­forward girls with attractive price points of £26 -­ £32 for bras and £9.50 – £17.50 for co-ordinates. Complemented by a vibrant marketing campaign, the word on every girls lips will soon be Tutti Rouge.”

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some Tutti Rouge lingerie!
Luckily, my wish was granted by the arrival of a gorgeous looking box some weeks later. The ‘Tutti Rouge’ label on the packaging made me instantly rip the parcel open, and inside was the most gorgeously presented box of lingerie and goodies.








I had been sent the ‘Liliana’ set in a size 36H/XL and she was gorgeous! And who can resist a stick of rock and some lip balm!?

I hurriedly tried Liliana straight on, marvelling at the fact that it was a gorgeous pretty pink PADDED bra in my size – yippee!


The set fit me almost perfectly! The cups were spot on with no bulging, the 3 hooked band was nice and snug, the fully adjustable straps with the cute heart adjusted didn’t dig in painfully. My only qualm was that the knickers were a bit too small. An XL roughly translates to a size 16, and these hips aint no 16! However, the soft stretchy material didn’t create too much of an unflattering silhouette, and they are certainly wearable. Fingers crossed that once the company launches and becomes popular they will consider introducing larger sizes.


The bra does give me a gentle cleavage. It’s not an overly projected shape, making it perfect as a more casual bra, or as a prettier bra to wear out under a fancy dress. I wore it to work underneath my white shirt, and I was very comfortable in it as I moved about during my 6 hour shift. I didn’t experience any digging in under the arms, any movement or any other discomfort.


Pink is not a colour I tend to favour, however, this softer bubblegum pink is undeniably gorgeous and very suited to my colouring. I love the white lace details seen on the cups and briefs, as well as the beautiful bows.


As I mentioned, the shape the cups give me is gorgeous. The bra is made out of a three part construction, and I find that even with padded bras that can sometimes give way to a pointy shape. However, Liliana keeps my boobs looking perky, rounded and gorgeous.  The top part of the cups is unpadded, which helps it lie against the bust rather than cut in.


The bra band is not overly rigid, meaning it was easy to fasten and nice and snug. I found that the sizing of the Tutti Rouge Liliana reflected that of Panache.

Tutti Rouge will start to hit stores from May onwards, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information, and more product photos. They will also be launching their website at around the same time.

I am excited to see what the future hold for Tutti Rouge. They may not stock as many sizes as full busted women would like, but give them time and I am sure things will change. To start off with 28 bands and padded bras up to an HH across all the band sizes is amazing, and I feel sure that they will soon become a favourite for many large breasted women who are crying out for flirty fun bra styles.

What do you think of Tutti Rouge and the Liliana bra? Will you be trying them out for yourself? Let me know in the comments :)

42 Responses to “Introducing: Tutti Rouge”

  1. Jenny April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Wow… Tutti Rouge seems promising! Yay for innovation! :D I’ve NEVER seen a heart strap slider! Way cute and it’s details like these that keep things interesting! Do you have a Bratabase account? Because I searched for the Tutti Rouge, and this particular bra, but nothing was found. It’d be interesting to know how it measures, not that I’m nearly your size (I’m more like a 28F/28FF), but it could give a hint as to which kinda boob shape it is suitable for :) Wide vs. narrow wires and etc. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Tutti Rouge! I’m thorughly impressed! :D

    • Jenny April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

      And oh, if by chance Tutti Rouge stops by and sees my comment, I’d LOVE this bra in royal blue! I think it’s a color that really complements a lot of skin tones and it’s THE color for my skin! I look absolutely stunning in royal blue, and so finding a royal blue bra (THIS BRA! :D ) with cute silver heart strap sliders would be a dream come true! x) Royal blue with the same white trimmings and cute *small* (plus points for that, many bows and details are oversized and so they just look ridiculous, Flirtelle Divine, I’m looking at you! )

    • fullerfigurefullerbust April 14, 2013 at 12.53 #

      Sorry but I’m not on Bratabase :/
      My boobs are quite full on top, not that close set or narrow, if that helps xxx

  2. MKP April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Want want want want want!!!!!

  3. sophisticatedpair April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    You make me excited to see more from this brand!! xx

  4. Butterfly Collection (@bflycollection) April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    That looks seriously fab on you! I’ll have to keep an eye on them for Butterfly… xx

  5. sophie April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    You look amazing and so does the bra! I can’t wait to get my hands on tutti rouge since they have such gorgeous designs :)

  6. felinefatale1 April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I really want to try this brand it looks amazing on you! Jealous! xxx

  7. Nicola April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Up to HH only? Another brand I’m sized out of….

    • L. Allen May 1, 2013 at 12.53 #

      Hey- I too thought I was sized out but Bravissimo sells this bra up to a j cup. I have tried it and love it.

  8. TheAbsurdCurvyNerd April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I love this, and it looks so good on you! I haven’t really liked the look of many partial band bras before, but this one is really pretty, and bands that continue underneath the cups do tend to rub, so I’ll have to keep this one (and possibly other Tutti Rouge bras) in mind for the future :-) .

  9. trialblogk April 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Oh that set is adorable on you. I’m excited for this brand — sometimes I just love me some saccharine sweet underwear.

  10. Jessica Meloche April 13, 2013 at 12.53 #

    This set is stunning on you…I should switch to bra blogging ;) I’ll definitely check them out…seems very promising.

  11. Bra Junkie April 13, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I can’t wait until they launch! Do you know where they will be selling their new collection?

    • shylee April 22, 2013 at 12.53 #

      It comes out tomorrow on bravissimo, I can’t wait to put an order in for the bras their adorable

  12. Sam April 13, 2013 at 12.53 #

    No 26 bands! Bummer! But this bra is so lovely I’ll settle for a 28 :3.

  13. Bran April 13, 2013 at 12.53 #

    So cute! Can’t wait to buy something from this line.

  14. Annie April 13, 2013 at 12.53 #

    OMG! Tutti Rouge looks like it would be totally right up my alley. Although I will always love other full bust brands, since making the switch from high street I was on the lookout for more flirty and cute looking bras. The full bust market is in dire need of bras that would suit younger audiences like me. I’m only 17, I don’t really thirst for “sophisticated” designs. Bring me the ribbons, hearts, and pastel colours! :D

    • Jenny April 14, 2013 at 12.53 #

      I really agree with you! I’m only 18, just one year older than you, and I reaaaally desperately want cuter bras! Some bras are just too sexy and “old” for me even though they’re far from matronly.

  15. Elisa (@HipMom) April 14, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Wow, these are fantastic! I have long been looking for a fun lingerie line in larger sizes, and I think I have just found it :-)
    Thank you for sharing this!

  16. Kasia Ola Przewodowska April 15, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I love this set, those hearts on straps looks really pretty :) but 36 band seems too big for you (up-hands pics)

    • fullerfigurefullerbust April 15, 2013 at 12.53 #

      It is spot on. I suck in a LOT for blog photos and I had just put the bra on. I then wore it all night at work, and wrote my review.

  17. jj April 16, 2013 at 12.53 #

    im between a 30 and 32 back..which do you think i should order when they go on bravissimo? do the bands come up tight??

  18. Lingerie Stylist (@tamarstylist) April 18, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Wit woo! You look great in this set!

  19. Angela -This is Life (@Ang_thisislife) April 28, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I went to Brassimo today to get myself fitted thanks to your recommendation :) and spotted Tutti Rouge. I thought it looked familiar and realised that I’ve seen it on your blog, silly me! It was one of my favourite (out of the 3), but the only one I bought because it was the one that the wire didn’t dig into my under arms! The fact that different company has a slight different sizing, I am eagerly waiting for them to launch more of their range in May! Can’t wait to get my hands on another Tutti Rouge!

  20. Andi S (@_Ashbet_) April 29, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Oh, that set is gorgeous on you!!

    I definitely have to wait until they carry larger sizes (I’m a 40H, sometimes a 42H or a 40I depending on style), and there’s no way those panties would fit me (I’m an hourglass UK20, but I’m dealing with some health issues, so I have less tone at the waist than you do — and I’m also about 10 years older!) . . . but if they offer larger sizes, I’ll buy them happily, even if I have to shop internationally to do it! I miss having cute matching sets!

  21. Nikki April 30, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Hello Doll! I just discovered your blog today and I am beyond thrilled!!! My comment is in regards to your “My Negative Blogging Experience” (Feb 26). As a mixed race, 30+ woman who wears a US size 8/10 and has VERY (yes very) small boobs, we could not look more different. And yet your sultry beauty+fabulous body+femininity has motivated the heck out of me to do more for myself and dress to enhance my unique shape (tiny waist, big butt, lol). I agree with you totally, curvy is a shape-NOT size, and also, there is room in the world to celebrate everyone’s beauty-thin, plus, curvy or otherwise. Please keep doing what your doing! Don’t worry about “haters”-you have a face and figure (not just boobs-the TOTAL package)-that women would kill for-myself included! Now, freshly inspired, I’m off to buy some dresses ;) Thank you!

  22. Bárbara Paula Acosta Pérez June 4, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Sorry for the creepiness but your body is AMAZING

  23. Hannah Boal June 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Ah might try the 38, or wait for a 40! yaay for pretty big cupped bras!

  24. Lingerie Diva July 3, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Beautiful, I love it that the fit is fantastic and you look really great in it. Love the colour too! It is quite tough to find a suitable cup countour as all our bodies are different and garments are usually mass-produced these days, so finding a perfect fit is great!


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