As I noted in my recent post, Evans have really upped their game recently. One of the reasons for this has to be because of Scarlett & Jo. Scarlett & Jo are a new in house brand, and their mix of trendy edgy pieces and curve hugging silhouette dresses have made them a sure fire hit with many plus size bloggers. It’s no wonder that I picked their red side panel dress for my shoot with The Times.

Lucy from Scarlett & Jo was kind enough to send me a few pieces that will launch online within the next week, and suffice to say I was over the moon!

She mentioned to me that the side panel dress would be released in pink, purple and…turquoise! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the images – the best colour in the world coming in a gorgeous flattering design of dress! Gimme gimme!


As you can see, the figure hugging illusion dress gives me an amazing silhouette. People say that dresses like these are ‘cheating’, but I adore them and I think I may need the full set of colours!

Naturally, I’d add a belt to the dress on a night or day out, as this size 16 dress is perfect everywhere but on my waist.  However, I do love how good it looks without one!


The sleeves are a bonus, as I would ordinarily add some sort of shrug or bolero so my dresses. It also makes the dress rather flattering from the back.


The other dress that she sent me was a similar sort of style in that it was a long sleeved ponte sort of material. However, this one had a wrap effect neck line that gathered into a ruched effect.

The sleeve and hem length were the same as the side panel dress, as was the waist and hip room. The boob room was slightly different due to the wrap effect, and I almost felt like I might have to size up.

I loved the vibrant colour and the way that the dress could be easily dressed up or down.

The dress will be coming out in black as well as blue, and fingers crossed some other colours in the future.


I would also add a belt to this, but once again it looks fabulous without one. I just feel very comfortable with them, and it will help break the dress up a bit, and maybe add a new colour to the outfit – like green or silver.


Lucy also sent me some leggings, not too dissimilar to the current leather look leggings. The newer ones will be pleather on the front and cotton on the back, a half and half look.



These leggings are a size 16, one size smaller than my pleather ones. But due to the leggings material going over my large bottom and having more stretch, a 16 fit me well and looks pretty trendy with the blue dress.

All three pieces will hit the Evans website next week, and the blue dress and leggings will be available instore as well.

What do you think of the Scarlett & Jo collection? Are you impressed? Have you tried any pieces out, or will you be?


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