Some of you may have spotted this post from a few weeks ago. In the post was a link to the Daily Mail, where an article had been written about myself, Callie Thorpe, Bethany Rutter, Marie Denee and Nicolette Mason. Within the mass of misquotes and lashings of ‘real women’, there was some information – the fact that the five of us have been chosen to partake in an ad campaign with top design duo Clements&Ribeiro.

When I first received the email asking me if this was something I wanted to do, I had to read it several times just to believe what I was seeing.  Myself and the four other girls involved would spend two days with the Evans crew.  On the first day we would have press interviews and a photo shoot, after which we would meet up with some other plus size bloggers in the Evans ‘Shape Studio’.  The second day would be the day of the shoot with Clements Ribeiro themselves.  I must admit, I was mostly keen to find out who the other girls would be more than anything, and when that was finally revealed I was not disappointed. I have worked with and met Bethany several times before, and although I had only met Callie once just briefly, we got on well online and I knew she would be great fun. I was, and am in awe of the American ladies as they are celebrities in the blogging and the plus size world, and working with them was sure to be quite an experience.

The morning of the first day came around I couldn’t wait to see what the two days would bring. I met Callie at Waterloo, and together we mused about what would take place, chatted about why we started blogging and how others react to our blogs and bodies. Before we knew it (and thanks to Callie’s expert knowledge of London) we had arrived at Arcadia HQ. As always, the Evans team made us feel very welcome, and we were soon sipping coffee and eating pastries whilst browsing some of Evans new and upcoming ranges. We got to meet Nicolette and Marie who were mid beautifying, and looked fabulous. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I was told that I could select an outfit to wear for the press shoot for The Times, and within minutes I located a colour block blue and black dress. Carina went to find one in my size, and I was delighted to see that there was a red version of it as well! My dream dress – fitted, knee length, ¾ length sleeves and in red! Perfect!


I quickly changed into it, fastened a much loved belt around me and then was set to work on by the make up and hair artists. During my transformation from bleary eyed to babe, I watched some of the other girls have their turn in front of the camera and felt nervous all over again! They were all so natural and professional and they looked stunning. The photographer knew how to work their poses and expressions, and as we all had chosen our outfits our personalities really shone through.

My turn came around soon enough, and I stood there, wobbling in the huge platform heels trying to look amazing! As soon as I was allowed to release my feet I felt a little more natural, and the poses felt effortless and easy. I pose all the time for my blog, and so I got into the rhythm of how to stand, how to move for every shot and tried my best to follow instructions.


Once the shoot was over I had my interview with the lovely Times journalist.  The Times magazine which includes the interview and photo shoot images will be out on February the 16th.

After a surreal day of posing and preening, it was a lovely to see some of my fellow bloggers at the event that evening.  I had great fun posing with my fellow blogging babes, dressed in the blue version of the Scarlett&Jo dress.

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The Scarlett&Jo collection went down a treat with the plus size bloggers who attended the event, and it was great to see women of many sizes, ages and clothing styles make the pieces work for them in their own way. And just when I was worried that I’d had too much free fizz, Evans whisked myself and the other Clements Ribeiro bloggers off to a gorgeous dinner, before checking us into a lush hotel in Knightsbridge so that we could get a good sleep before the following days shoot.

Stay tuned for part two of my amazing two days with Evans and Clements Ribeiro.

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