Bravissimo are always my go to when it comes to recommending excellent bra fitting services to women. And thanks to their huge colourful range of bras I often point custom their way when women lament over the selection of ‘Granny bras’ that they often feel are their only options. However, it has been quite some time since I tried out a Bravissimo house brand bra, and so I recently used their super fast efficient customer service and postal delivery to order myself these three bras:

Paradiso Plume Bra, 28-28, DD-J

Paradiso Plume Bra, 28-38, DD-J

Fleur Bra, 30-40, F-K

Fleur Bra, 30-40, F-K

Purity Bra, 28-28, F-J

Purity Bra, 28-38, F-J

I ordered them all in a 36H, as although I sometimes need a 34 band, Bravissimo bras often come up fairly firm.

The first out of the box was the Purity bra. It is described as a balconette, but the photo reminded me of a Freya Deco plunge bra and I was excited to see if I could finally be able to do away with my badly fitted moulded beauties once and for all…
As you can see, the bra gives me a smooth look with a nice rounded appearance. I was fully encased in the cups as did not spill out the tops of them.
Sadly, I found the strap placement and subsequent cut of the bra meant that I was left with less coverage by my armpit, resulting in a spillage situation.
It is not something that will be rectified by a size change, but it will be good news for women who complain about the straps sliding off their shoulders, or their bra digging in under their arms.
The band was a good firm fit, and the three hooks and eyes and fully adjustable straps made the incompatibility of the strap placement and cut even more heartbreaking. Sadly it was not quite what I was hoping for, but the potential to rival the Deco is these!

Next up, I tried the Paradiso Plume.
The cut of the bra reminds me of the ‘Demi Diva’ from a few years ago, and the lack of padding resulting is such amazing uplift astonished me.
The bra is utterly utterly gorgeous, the feather and flower pattern is very unique. I am so chuffed to see something so young and flirty in the large cup market.
I adore the double bows on the straps and the pretty pink frill at the edge of the cups. They encased me perfectly, and it was an instant favourite.
And of course, the three hooks and eyes and fully adjustable straps, well, you know I love it!

Last up was the Fleur Bra.
Teal with raspberry detailing!? How could I NOT try this scrumptious bra out!
The bra did give me a fairly rounded boosted shape.  The cups sat perfectly on me and I had no spillage or side boob. It’s interesting to note that with all three of these bras I have no gaps at the bottom of the cups, meaning that my bust shape is very compatible with the wire shape that Bravissimo uses.
This bra was the comfiest of the three, and I felt like I was very strapped down and secure when in it. I like that it is pretty to look at without needing sheer cups.
Big thumbs up for those three hooks and eyes and the straps!

When ordering the three bras I expected to adore the Purity, quite like the colour of the Fleur and be ambivalent about the Paradiso.  Therefore I am surprised by how these bras have fitted and looked on me. The Paradiso is my absolute favourite out of the three in terms of colour, fit and comfort, and I really hope that Bravissimo continue to bring out gorgeous patterns and boob boosting styles like that one.

Which was your favourite? Do you like the Bravissimo house brands bras? Let me know in the comments.


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