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It’s Saturday evening and we are both absolutely shattered. George has been on her feet all day at her waitressing job. I’ve just got back from racing in the Met League. We relax with our dinner in front of some light hearted comedy, Two Broke Girls. Everything is pretty chilled. Then Kat Dennings makes a reference to her boobs being a D cup. George shrieks, hyperventialates and has to press pause on the DVD. “SHE IS NOT A D CUP! SHE IS A 30H! AARRRGHHH!”

It’s 1am in a club. George has been in the toilets for ages and in my boredom I’m forced to make small talk with a nearby man who I swear thinks I’m hitting on him. I get worried – is she ok? She eventually reappears with the smuggest grin on her face, followed by two random girls also grinning. “These girls were wearing a 36C but I’ve just measured them and they’re a 32E! My job for the night is done”. She gives them her business card and drags me to the bar for another glass of wine..

Welcome to my life with the girl behind Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

My life.

My life.

Since she started her blog I have had no option but to become somewhat of an expert in bra fitting – I notice women in the street with badly fitted bras. I recognise Bravissimo dresses on my friends. I try my hardest not to comment but I tend to let my guard down on nights out. The other week I won a free drink at the bar by correctly guessing a girl’s back and cup size – it’s just a shame it was a Fosters.

Life as her boyfriend certainly has its perks though. It’s now commonplace for there to be girls walking around our flat in just their underwear. If that. I’m often just in boxers too and none of us think anything of it. It’s just trust, and I guess its hard to be prudish when you’re all over the internet, wearing not much. Speaking of images – photos are taken almost daily, of the latest bras/dresses/shoes/belts and I’ve become quite the photographer! Again, I have been known to cameo in front of the camera in various states of (un)dress.. and if these make it onto the blog or Facebook I can be assured of some comments from my mates!

Behind the scenes…

I could go on forever with the examples (such as the local newsagent thinking I’m a celebrity after appearing in George’s Take a Break shoot) but I’ll stop here and address some frequently asked questions:

1) How does it feel knowing the whole world has seen your girlfriend in her underwear?

It doesn’t bother me, I honestly don’t even think about it. It’s nothing you don’t see at the beach anyway. It’s just her job. If it makes her happy, it makes me happy too.

2) What’s it like to have a girlfriend who’s all over the national press? Are you intimidated?

It’s great and I’m happy for her. I’m well aware that despite being a top ranked runner, in this sport I’m only going to be famous if I win Olympic Gold – so there’s no jealousy or bitterness here.

3) You must be a lover of all women with big boobs and bums

Not at all. My last fling before George was a size 6 Swedish gymnast. I don’t have a ‘type’. Besides, physical beauty is common – to find someone I get on so well with is much, much rarer. Actually sod it – in my book, having big boobs is awesome.

A standard night out!

A standard night out!


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