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23 Jan

I’ve had quite an exciting week or so! A lot has happened, some good, some amazing, some scary! And so here is a little round up.

Firstly, I hit 7000 likes on my Facebook page which felt pretty great! I’m not one to judge my worth on how many social followers I have, but I can’t deny my elation. I am really blessed to have so many ladies on that page who are so kind, loyal and informative! A variety of topics get discussed there and it’s a fun environment to have helped create. I share images, blog posts and ask questions to help other readers and my own curiosity. I recently posed the question:

“What would you LOVE to see a plus size designer make? Whether it’s more bodycon, more mini skirts, more black tents (!!!) anything, what do you want?

Me – more options with sleeves, and more form fitting dresses.”

Within seconds there seemed to be a a dozen answers. It seems that a lot of women, like me, would like to see sleeved items and sexier dresses. A few wanted to know where they could find shirts that buttoned up over the bust. A lot talked about maxi dresses – where to find ones with decent straps and lengths. These dresses should provide a few solutions to some of those questions. A lot asked about wide fit boots, clothes for taller women, shorter women, small busted women…the list was endless. It seems that plus size companies have a little way to go before everyone’s sizes, tastes and needs are acquainted for.

On the plus side of being plus – Plus Size Fashion Weekend is approaching!855_487397121299436_2130464114_nTo be in with a chance of winning tickets to this amazing event, click here.

It snowed several times here in the UK this week – not fun at all! I have been asked a few times about what I wear when it turns colder, and so I thought I would share my go-to layer up look!

My favourite recent purchase has to be my Maidenform Fat Free Leggings. Thanks to the linked post by Curvywordy, I discovered these amazing leggings, and I am hooked!
The perfect fit for me is a size large, and they suck me in and smooth me out without being too restrictive.
Remember – they are leggings, not trousers, and the arse stretching see through aspect means that I always wear them with something to cover my bottom!
When layering up, I add a long sleeved bust friendly BiuBiu top.IMG_3326
Any old dress, often without a belt as it’s not seen under the layers.IMG_3330
One of my boyfriend’s hoodies (most of them are from Primark).IMG_3336
My Collectif coat, a scarf, some thick socks, and either my Uggs or Evans bootsIMG_3341


Like I said, I change this look up a bit but generally those layers keep me warm and snug and don’t add too much bulk to my already large body.

My dress obsession and broken handbag recently got introduced to two new sites – and thus, one glorious outfit was born.


The dress is, predictably, a Dolores doll by Collectif that I got in the sale at Miss Mole. The handbag is from JustFab and I got it at at introductory offer of £17.50.
Be warned though – if you do buy from JustFab, read the sign up instructions carefully as you will get a monthly charge if you do not make a monthly purchase.
That said, my new bag is gloriously green, has many zip pockets and the option of a long or a short strap. A beautiful bargain that looks great with my new dress – which I really need to iron, I do apologise!

And last but no means least, this happened…
I appeared in the Daily Mail. Something I swore to myself would never happen! But, if you read the article (ignore that horrific photo that I spoil) you will see it was for a good reason. You can read more about the project and the other ladies involved here, at Plus-Size-Tall.
Sadly we were badly represented what with all the ‘curves’ and ‘curvy’ and ‘real women’ being thrown about, despite me specifically telling Liz how much I hated those terms. I did not know who Daisy Lowe was, and after a quick Google I stated that I thought she was slim, yet curvy. I was also quoted as saying that I wanted to lose weight but feared what my readers would think. Nuh uh. I want too and AM losing weight. I don’t need 200 trolls to tell me to do so, but thanks for the concern guys! Fat as I am, I am healthy, I do exercise, my eating choices are not always the best but I am trying. I have no problem getting male attention (hello boyfriend of 4+ years) and I didn’t eat any dwarves. My thighs do not chaff, I love colour block dresses and guess what DM readers, you aint got nothing on me! Those of us who are intelligent will know that DM readers comment to provoke, they use pseudo names and would never dare look us in our piggy eyes and say such things to our fat faces. Which didn’t make reading them (I couldn’t ignore them) any easier, but it did help me put in a killer session at the gym.
I love this post from my fellow chubster Callie, as it summed up how I felt as well.

So, that’s my news!  I hope that this round up has been interesting and fun.  It’s something I may do more if you all would like.. just let me know :)

13 Responses to “Recent Shennanigans”

  1. Belle January 23, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Hello I know I comment quite a lot but I just wanted to say that I was looking on the daily mail the other day and saw you on the sidebar which made me click on it as I was like ‘hey I read that blog’ whilst the article was good they do like a label at the DM. I then decided to peruse the comments and god people are deluded-so nasty and honestly they are probably far far from perfect especially with that attitude-take no notice and know you have inspired girls like me who aren’t ‘perfect’ to accept ourselves and not dress like we are ashamed so thank you and keep writing, I love this blog and I love what it stands for.

    *sorry for the essay

  2. Connie January 23, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I have not been following your blog long, but those commenters from your recent appearance on Daily Mail are ridiculous! From your posts and pictures, I can tell that you have embraced your curves. More importantly, you are a woman in control of your life and body. Many times I’ve felt like an ugly duckling, but after reading your blog, and seeing you trying on pretty dresses and seeking well fitting bras, I have tried the same for myself. I’d have to say, it feels great to love yourself, with all the “flaws.” Except now, I do not see those imperfections as flaws, but as unique characteristics of me. Thank you for being yourself, just as you are. I saw your photo on Pinup Girl Clothing’s Facebook page, I’d have to say, you look gorgeous! And thank you for reminding us, that every woman is beautiful and real regardless of thick/thinness or our bust size. ♥

  3. LisaS January 23, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Georgina you look gorge on that DM photo. Unfortunately one of the reasons I don’ t read the Daily Mail is that they so often look for excuses to put women down for being – in their words – too skinny, too curvy or for daring to have cellulite etc etc. These poorly written articles attract comments from people who frankly are idiots. Thankfully, away from the pages of the DM and in the real world, they are in the minority.

  4. Ish January 23, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Hi,I came across you via that Daily Mail article (my guilty secret!)I just want to say that you are an astoundingly gorgeous young woman and I think a lot of the nasty comments are due to sheer envy.I don’t like that Liz Jones misrepresented you-but to be honest,I just scrolled through the article-and went straight to your blog and I’m glad I did.You are stunning-I hope you understand your confidence is such a boost to other,bigger women who are always being made to feel rubbish about themselves. Stay gorgeous!
    Ish x

  5. Fiona January 23, 2013 at 12.53 #

    hey, just stumbled across your blog, it’s great! and i love the stuff on that miss mole site, have never seen it before!! can you tell me :what’s the sizing like? im 5ft 5 and a size 18, would a 1xl be about right for me?x

  6. Alex January 24, 2013 at 12.53 #

    DM commenters make me laugh SO HARD. The only people worse are the ones who make the veiled racism comments on Facebook.

    BTW, the only leggings that I’ve found keep me smoothed down, well covered and fit up to my (rather high) waist are the Full Length Leggings from Next. Around £7 a pair.

  7. Jenny January 24, 2013 at 12.53 #

    My guilty secret is that I actually do read Daily Mail online occassionaly to my shame. And yes most of the people who comment do so to mock and torture those people who dared to appear on its pages. I read the article that you lovely ladies appeared in, and i don’t remember anything in it, nor did i bother to read the comments, but what i did do is find your blog, and have been reading it daily since. I’ve been big most (all) of my life but seeing how gorgeous you all look everyday has inspired me to sort my own wardrobe out and make more of an effort! The haters will find someone else to bitch about tomorrow, but you have a permanent new fan. XXX

  8. Jen January 24, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Oh DM readers, you pinnacles of modern society(!) I have to say it made me quite sad to see the nasty comments but mostly I found it genuinely impossible to understand how they could not see the same beauty I could. You’re gorgeous as you know – keep doing what you’re doing x

  9. Maggy January 25, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I just want to say congratulations, I don’t comment often but i had to say this. You deserve all the appreciation you get, you are a thoughtful person, i think we all can see that, the way you answer our questions as best as you can, you want to know our opinion, so as for myself, i can say you give voice to many concerns and fears and doubts i have and i’m sure other “bigger” women feel the same. So thank you, keep doing what you do, you help a lot of people! ps: you are gorgeous and we can really see your effort to get healthier and lose weight, you look fantastic, it’s amazing! Keep it up, because it’s really working :D
    I wish all the best for you!

  10. ellomennopeee January 27, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Sorry to hear you’ve been attacked by nasty trolls, but you’ve done a brave and honourable thing by going out there and broadening the variety of images of women we see in the media. You’re an inspiration.


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