Happy New Year lovely readers! My apologies for the lack of posts recently, the festive season can get a bit hectic.

I thought I would kick the year off with a post about ten of my fellow bloggers. I have so many bloggers that I love and adore but I thought I would pick ten just for this post. Starting my blog has rewarded me in so many ways, but one of the biggest and best privileges has been making friends with women whom I share so many interests with.

1. One of my favourite ladies has to be Caroline.ccw
Caroline and I are very similar when it comes to shape and size which of course means that I read her blog religiously and have made several purchases upon her recommendation. Not only that, but having met her I can confirm that she is one of the sweetest loveliest funniest ladies I’ve come across, and I’m very lucky to have her in my life.
Caroline reviews clothes, bras, shoes, leggings and so much more with in depth descriptions and many accompanying images. She always credits the companies involved, references other bloggers and is so helpful. No matter what your size or shape her blog is a must read.

2. Two other friends and fellow bloggers have to be the Invest In Your Chest girls, Cheryl and Becky.SONY DSC

I first met both of these lovely ladies via Curvy Kate’s annual ‘Star In A Bra’ competition and I am so glad I did! Cheryl is Invest In Your Chest’s creator and main contributor, and it was she that ultimately encouraged me to start my own blog and gives me so much guidance and help. Her blog itself is an inspiration. It is updated regularly with a mixture of reviews, videos, press event summaries and interviews. She always provides images and her own personal in depth commentary that displays her obvious passion for what she does. Her blog is one of the very first of it’s kind – underwear reviews with images, and it’s no wonder it has an amazing readership.

3. Claire Syrenne of Butterfly Collection is a true inspiration.bc
She is a Brit who relocated to Canada, opened a lingerie store, provides Skype fittings AND writes an amazing educational blog. Phew! I love her witty engaging style of writing and I often reference her when trying to explain or dispell various cup size myths.

4. Number four on my list has to be Erica from A Sophisticated Pair.sp
Like Claire she runs a store as well as writes a blog. She review products in depth, post images of her and others in the products and is always happy to help others out. She is a great one to look too for upcoming collection releases with images and sizing info.

5. Jessica Meloche of Pinup Persuasion is my fairy blog daughter!pp
She has been blogging for just over a year and it’s always a joy to read her posts. She has one of the most polished professional blogs I’ve ever seen and I’ve not only taught her a handful things, I’ve learnt a lot.

6. Lilybobombs aka Mhairi is a blogger I adore.lbbll
She updates her blog regularly with her wishlists, reviews and challenges she partakes in with other bloggers. Not only that, but she is a very sweet kind person.

7. June from Braless In Brasil HAS to be on this list.bib
She reviews clothes and bras for busty women, is part of the Bra Band Project covers hot topics and campaigns for better bras and fitting methods to be available in Brasil. What a woman!

8. Bras I Hate&Love is certainly one to follow.bih
She started off as ‘Bras I Hate’, a blog to combat those who never touch on the negatives during reviews. Since then she has evolved into reviewing all sorts of bras and outfits, and she posts amazing tutorials on how to alter clothes and bras to fit body and boob shape better. An amazing blog.

9. Another member of The Bra Band Project is Boosaurus.bs
Boosaurus is slim and curvy and reviews clothes and bras. She is based in America, and helps try to dispell bra measuring myths, fitting myths and cup size myths.

10. My perfect ten has to be Kathryn.mkm
I first met Kathryn at an Evans event and was chuffed when she started her amazing blog. It is filled with reviews as well as anecdotes and images from her every day life, and her chatty approachable tone makes it a joy to read.

So those were ten of my favourite blogs. I could have easily quadrupled that number, and this year will aim to introduce you to more bloggers, and hopefully you can tell me about some of your favourites.


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