It’s safe to say that Cleo by Panache’s Autumn Winter collection is bloody gorgeous! And their Meg bra is no exception.Meg Balconnet - Bird Print
Bird prints get a huge thumbs up from me and I was so happy to get my hands on this bra. The red detailing and scalloped edge cups are quite unique, and I especially adored the swallow charm on the central gore. The cups are made out of a fairly thickish material that still manages to be sexy and sheer. IMG_2658I initially tried this bra in a 36HH but found the cups a little too baggy, and so this is a 36H.IMG_2638Sadly, no matter how much I tightened one strap over the other I was somewhat lopsided in the bra as you can see. It may have been because the cup construction thrust me very much forward and pushed me in at the sides.
IMG_2642However, I was left with some puckering of material at the very tip of the cups, although it was spot on elsewhere. The shape that I was given was very rounded and projected, as I mentioned, and I felt very secure in the cups.IMG_2641The back band was firm, almost to the point of being too firm which is no bad thing, but I would have preferred three hooks and eyes.
In conclusion, sadly Meg is not for me. The wrinkling cups show slightly under my clothes and I am unhappy with the overall shape it gives my breasts.  It is a stunning bra and one that I wish came out in of the padded balconette styles that Cleo do so well.  But I can’t have them all, sadly!

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