I’ve never really considered myself to be any good at having my photo taken. Back when I was at Uni I would instantly pout if a camera came near me – and the result was not a good one.

Over the years I have learnt how to smile and how to present myself when a camera gets pointed at me, and it is purely by accident that I am able to do that.
Take for example my sister’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid and true to form I LOATHED my dress and felt very awkward in it. My arms were out, my back was out, my waist was not defined and I looked terrible. These two photos show how, despite that I was able to have at least one good photo and one terrible photo, all down to my poses:

You will see that in most photos I post here I am pulling a similar pose. I often place my hands on my waist in order to draw attention to my proportions.  It also makes my arms look toned and slimmer and gives me something to do with them!  I also like to be slightly side on in a few photos, as it works my curves better.

I will usually shift the weight to one leg and keep my knees together. I also often tilt one knee across the other as it is quite a dainty pin up look and I now do it without noticing!

If in underwear I firmly press my legs together to try to make them appear slimmer and longer.  Standing in any other way is not usually very flattering as I do have large legs, and sometimes posing in my pants can take a long long time as I try to get everything right!

I always try to push my face forward in photos to lessen my chins.   I do struggle to smile without looking forced, but the moody photos are a thing of the past and I do my best to conjour up some sort of comical image in order to get a genuine smile.

If I have to take a photo from behind and my arms are bare I will always hide them in front of me as I loathe the backs of them.

And I always take a LOT of photos, just to find that perfect one or two that I am mostly happy with.

Like I said I am no expert.  It takes me a long times and a lot of effort to get the right photos for my blog.  I have to show the product and myself off in a good light and I have to feel happy.  Not all of my photos are amazing, but I am learning what works for me and what doesn’t and how to perfect my poses.  Sometimes I may use my hair to cover my chins, I may use a bag to cover my stomach or cross my legs at the ankles to hide insect bites.  It’s all about feeling comfortable and presenting your best bits to the camera and if you feel self conscious then see what you can do to make those parts ‘disappear’ or become less obvious.


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