I was recently offered the chance to try a dress out from Sienna Couture.
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I decided to try out the Gold Sequin Dipped Hem Dress.

Dipped hems are so popular right now and they appeal to someone like me who is paranoid about her legs, especially the back of them. The elastic under the bust looked like it would be flattering on my waist, and gold sequins – why not! I chose a size 16/18 as I the item looked to have enough stretch in the bust to handle me!

The first thing I noticed about this dress was how scratchy the sequins are. I would never wear the dress without a shrug anyway which will help shield me from them, but they really are quite lethal! They look stunning but they are a tad impractical.
The length of the skirt at the back was great, however the front was a little too high for my personal leg hating preference, and this dress would need to be worn with black tights to make me feel comfortable. It would be absolutely perfect for a leg loving apple shaped lady as the skirt skims the tummy area perfectly and is really flattering. The bust section was an excellent fit and I helped accentuate my waist with one of my many thrifted belts. I could easily zip the dress up on my own and the v neck back of it looked and felt great – mainly because the sequins had no chance to wreak havoc!

I would probably wear this dress on a fancy night out or to a dinner date. The gold sequins make it look quite special and the occasion would need to suit. My huge collection of turquoise accessories would compliment the gold and black perfectly, as would my red items, especially as we approach the festive season. It is a statement dress, and one that will not be easily forgotten by those who I wear it around. I would also like to think that it will be quite unique within my circle of friends, and that is always a bonus!

Overall this dress is one I do quite like. Tights and a shrug would solve my main issues with the sequins and length and make the dress very wearable. It is not my usual pin up style, but it does mean I can give the shapewear a night off!


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