I remember when I first heard of the Ahh Bra – the bra that was so good women tried it on and let out an ‘ahh’ of relief. The bra that promised wire free, hook and eye free miracle tits. Having always been bustier with boobs that enjoy gravity a leeeetle too much I was of course dubious at it’s claims.

Recently I was offered the chance to give one of these miracle bras a go, and due to curiosity I decided to say yes. I’ve had many readers ask if I would review the bra, and about the same amount who swear by non wired bras and it seemed like something I should try for myself! The lovely lady who contacted me asked my bra size and decided to send me a variety of Ahh Bra styles and sizes: one non wired original Ahh bra in a Large, one Ahh bra in an XL and an actual bra, size 2XL.
When I first opened my beautifully wrapped box and pulled the pink tissue paper apart I was struck by how SMALL the Ahh Bra was. It was structured like a crop top but with slight ruching in the middle of the front section where the cleavage would sit. The bra had soft thing moulded pieces inside it, about the size of the bottom of a wine bottle. It was easy to put on, I didn’t have to strain or stretch the material, and it almost encompassed my bust. Almost. This is the best photo of how it looked on me, the rest were somewhat indecent!

What can I say about this ‘bra’? Well, frankly, it’s not a bra, it’s not even close to being one, at least not on me. I was all South, East and West, the boob section was pretty small and the straps and band too big. My cleavage was smushed together and I felt all kinds of wrong. From what I can gather from the brochure that came with the products, the target market for this bra are women who’s bras are irritating – and from what the pictures suggest, that is because their bras fit them HIDEOUSLY.

The Ahh bra offers relief to those who loathe underwires and straps that dig in, who are sick of back fat and struggle to do up their bands, but I’ve yet to meet a woman who resents her bras after having a correct fitting. After trying all three Ahh Bras on and becoming less and less impressed with the products I can only conclude that they are either not meant for someone with my bust size, or they should be worn as sleep/lounging bras – they are in no way a rival to a well fitted regular bra and it frustrates me that the American lingerie market are more focused on producing products like these rather than realising that boobs go beyond a D cup in the majority of women. You cannot buy a bra in a single size as you have two different measurements to account for: the under bust and the bust. The chances are that very few women will fit perfectly into an Ahh Bra, especially as the straps are not adjustable at all. I do understand that on paper this product seems amazing as it aims to be so much. But realistically the lingerie market does not need such items polluting it and masquerading as a ‘bra’, it needs more focus on fit and more outlets that sell bras in every size. I wish I could be more positive about the product, but I see SO many women desperate for a store to go too and buy bras that are fitted onto them by properly trained professionals. I am sure that there are women out there who genuinely love the Ahh Bra and really have no need or desire to find a bra that actually fits them, but most women will do far better in a well fitted regular bra. It’s time that they were catered for in all corners of the globe.

Alas, Ahh Bra, you are not a bra substitute product I would ever recommend to anyone. It was good to try you out but all seem to be is a glorified crop top, no miracles were worked on this bust, all that I could say was ‘aargh’, not ‘ahh’.


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