It’s safe to say that when it comes to dresses I love love LOVE patterns. And the best patterns are those that live life on the wild side – my animal print pieces. Leopard print is my weakness, but I also have a few zebras lurking in my wardrobe too…

And now I can add a few more animals to my huge collection courtesy of Pinup Girl Clothing – dogs, rabbits, lions and horses, and cats!

This first dress is the Zooey in circus print, size 2XL. Apologies for the ‘I-must-get-it-out-of-the-wrapping’ fabric and face!
The Zooey is a little longer than I anticipated, but that is by no means a bad thing when it comes to my legs! The bust area is a tiny bit small on me and puckers rather like the Vamp does. The fixed waist detail is slightly large on me, and I will no doubt try to work out how to add a belt to the dress when I wear it again! I’m not usually one for peachy colours, but the black detailing helps give it a little attitude and it will look perfect with tights this winter.  The straps are adjustable which is good for my broad shoulders, and the cross over detailing is a cute touch, although it is one that won’t be seen as I am never without a bolero!

The next furry creature that I got my hands on was this f(el)ine number – the cat print Netti in 2XL.

What can I say about Netti that can’t be seen? The print is wicked, the colours are awesome, the neckline is perfect, the length is spot on and it goes with my red accessories! I even woke my boyfriend up to show him this and he sleepily announced ‘sexy, wear it next time we go out’ – my harshest critic has spoken!  it also has adjustable straps which is extremely useful.

The bolero is from eBay – click here to purchase. The belt is second hand, also from eBay, click here for similar pieces.

A few yours ago if you’d have told me that one day I’d have a wardrobe filled with cute animal print dresses I would have shaken my head at you and sneered, as I selected which pair of baggy jeans I would wear that day with my platform trainers. These days I prefer to pick items that I find gorgeous to look at and flattering to my shape and size. I know the magazines say that big girls should wear dark shapeless items, a subject I touch on a lot, but I for one will not be giving my beauties up for adoption in favour of dull sacks any time soon. In fact, I would love to create some sort of pin up inspired line for ladies like me who struggle to find beautiful form flattering clothes in plus size stores. Leave me a comment and let me know if you would be interested in getting your hands on some plus size gorgeous pieces as I am currently thinking about giving it a go and would love to hear your feedback.





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