Whenever I speak to larger breasted ladies about which style of bra they wish worked for them or came in their size they say a strapless bra. Personally I am happy to keep my arms covered and my bra drawer(s) filled with a large variety of colours and styles of bras with straps, but I know others who yearn to wear those cute little boob tubes or slinky halternecks without the headache of bra straps.

I have seen a few smaller busted companions try out several different brands of strapless bras and there always seemed to be one that came out on top – the Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra, available in a 30-38 back, A-G cups.

Not so long ago I dragged a few unwilling friends off for a bra fitting at Bravissimo – my obsession takes over everything! True to my smug predictions they were all a few back bands smaller and proportionally bigger in the cup than they thought they were. One friend could not believe how amazing the snug band felt. She has recently lost a lot of weight and hadn’t changed her bra since before the loss. She felt confident enough to go and try some more bras on and declared that she needed a strapless bra in her wardrobe. Our search led us to Debenhams where she gave one of their Ultimate Strapless bras a go. The bra has inbuilt hand like structuring that really works – she could not believe what she saw! Her boobs were amazingly perky and uplifted, they stayed in place even after she wiggled and bounced around. They took on a gorgeous rounded shape and she snapped the bra up on the spot.

Recently another friend of mine was asking my advice on which bra would be best under her strapless wedding dress. I almost immediately thought of the strapless Wonderbra.

She had been wearing a 34C, but true to form I managed to persuade her that she might be closer to a 30F and that was the size she tried.

She found that the bra gave her a very good lift and shape without being uncomfortable or smooshing her boobs together.  It worked very well under her wedding dress and will be used on her big day.  She did find that the built in hands were rather bulky, but I suppose that takes some getting used too.  As she found it a tad plain I will do my very best to track a lacy version down for her, but is works well under outfits that rely on skin coloured bras.

It sat well under her clothes and gave her as good a shape as if she were wearing a bra with straps.

Another fan of the bra is this year’s Curvy Kate Star In A Bra winner Sophie Morgan.

As Sophie is a 32GG/30H she wears a sister size in the bra, but as you can see it works just as well.

It is her go to bra to wear under strapless numbers, and having had the privilege of being in her presence whilst wearing it I can safely say it looks amazing and does a fabulous job at keeping her assets perky.

If you are within Wonderbra’s size range I would definitely recommend giving the ultimate strapless a whirl.  Having seen what it does first hand I can safely say that it is the best strapless out there.  Here’s hoping that they find a way to engineer larger bosoms into the same uplifted position very soon.


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