Gok Wan recently added some new pinup inspired pieces to his range. Sadly the range stops at a G, and so I enlisted the help of some G cup friends to try out the spotty bra and give me their honest opinions.

Sadly one friend did not get on well with the bra at all. She found that her boobs fell towards to centre of the bra as the gore was not high enough to contain her shape. The wires were too low at the sides and were quite uncomfortable. She did like the pattern but said it would be more suited to a bikini as it would be seen under a lot of her clothing.

The second friend got on with the bra rather better.

She wears a 34G and found the size spot on.

The fully adjustable straps were a perfect match for her shape, and who can argue with three hooks and eyes!?

She didn’t find the wires too high and got a great shape from the cups.

The pattern worked well for her and her wardrobe and as she is a little younger than my other friend she rather liked the spots.

The only down size to the bra was that she did find that the wires were a bit too short and there was a gap either at the gore or under her arms depending on it’s placement. It mean that her boobs pushed the material down either way which was not entirely comfortable or practical. However, she still loves the bra and has worn it many times since, it’s just not quite as perfect as it could be for the price, something that friend one also thought.

So what do you think of Gok’s new collection? Do you love the style and the spots? Do you wish he would increase the sizes? Let me know :)


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