This is a subject I have touched on before in this post but it is one that still bothers me!

It seems that fashion magazines like to ignore the larger ladies among us, and when they do suddenly notice us (I mean, how can they miss us?!) they throw us some useless piece of advice that basically tells us “You’re fat, cover it up in this vast dress.”

Well I am one big girl who refuses to follow those ‘fashion rules’. I believe in dressing to your strengths – and only you know what your strengths are. Yes people can tell you your legs are wonderful, but if you prefer to flaunt your cleavage and cover the legs then that’s your choice and your strength. Being larger does not mean you can’t pull off all sorts of looks. And just to show you that, here are some of my latest wardrobe additions which may break a few rules, but I feel good about myself in these outfits and so sod the magazines!

As you may be able to tell those dresses are Deadly Dame dresses, Micheline Pitt’s line over at Pinup Girl Clothing. The spotty dress is the L’Amour and the olive dress is the Mon Cheri. They are both 2XL and not only fit my boobs and bum in whilst being a perfect length, they also come with belts that don’t need extra holes punched into them!!! I am in love! Yes you can see I have a bit of a belly and my chubby arms are quite evident – but the overall effect of the dresses are very flattering on my figure. They don’t show off too much, they just skim my shape and make me look the size I am rather than far bigger in some tunic that covers all the goodies!

Due to my love of all things animal print I felt compelled to snap up this Zanzibar dress from my favourite bust friendly clothing company BiuBiu. I must admit that was tipped me over the edge was seeing Erica of ‘A Sophisticated Pair’ rocking hers…

And yes I am many sizes larger than Erica but the flattering effect is the same. The modest neckline and length lets the animal print take centre stage, and at just over £25 it is a must buy for all busty beauties. I went for a 46BB/BBB, the equivalent to Pepperberry’s 18RSC.

Ladies, don’t let your size and shape stop you when it comes to your wardrobe choices, don’t believe the fashion advice that slyly body shames and shuns us big girls, embrace our size and shape. Being larger does not mean you can’t pull off all sorts of looks, shop online today for a gorgeous range of clothes for a fuller figure.


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