Lizzie Haines is a beautiful women of many talents. She is a swimmer, a photographer, a model and she is one crafty diva!

Recently I asked her if she could make me a very special unique bag, a bag that would do the talking…

A ‘Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’ bag.

Loaded with ideas Lizzie got to work on my bag. I wanted a plus size underwear clad woman on one side and my name on the other. She sourced the best materials and produced the most amazing bag ever!

I was so excited to receive it! It would be perfect for press events, everyone would know who I was and I could fit a few bras in there too! The image of the women was stunning, not too in your face, just glam enough to help me rock the back out and about anywhere.

Thank you Lizzie for taking my crazy idea and making something gorgeous. I will continue to spread the word about my blog and the topics I cover and this bag will be a fabulous side kick.

Read Lizzie’s blog post here and check out the rest of her her gorgeous designs here – you may find that dream present or be inspired to ask her to commission a unique piece.