It’s fairly safe to say that I LOVE corsets!

And so when I was offered the chance to try a corset from Hot Corsets I jumped at the chance!

James from HC took note of my stats and preference for longer underbust corsets and sent me this beauty to try out, size 3XL/30 inch.

I must confess that some corsets really don’t work well on me or are very uncomfortable due to the hips not being large enough compared to the waist. I also find that some are just way too short and my pooch pops out the bottom – the sausage look is not a good one! And so I awaited the arrival of my Hot Corset with interest.

Well – I was not disappointed! With the help of a friend who also tried it on (and almost stole it!) I was laced into the gorgeous baby pink creation.

It was nice and easy to get on thanks to the lovely long lace up – some corsets can be a bit stingy with the string. It felt like a good length, long enough to cover most of my wobbly belly. It didn’t push my flub up out the top, it hugged my body perfectly!

It doesn’t give me the overly dramatic shape that the What Katie Did Morticia corset does, but my proportions do look glorious!

The colour is not really ‘me’, I have to admit – I’ve never been a pink girl! However I can never have too many variations of items and I feel sure this pink corset will get several airings nonetheless.

The corset also comes with detachable suspender straps, a must have for many corset lovers. It comes in it’s own little bag which is great for storage and will help protect the satin.

The price is very reasonable – when it comes to corsets buying cheap will not do you any favours. Plastic boned corsets are not worth the money you save, they snap, and believe me they hurt! Steel boned is the way to go, it is definately worth investing in some great pieces.

Of course I couldn’t resist donning my Rhea set and having a little posey fun in the corset! The balconette bra is the perfect shape to wear with a corset as it pushes the bust up slightly and can look funny with a plunge bra, as seen in my previous photos.

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