I don’t know about the rest of you but I am a shoe whore. Not just a shoe whore, a full on accessory obsessive. As seen in my post here I love my bags, my hair flowers, my jewellery, I am obsessed with buying items in every colour to go with every possible outfit combination that I might decide on. When it comes to my nights out and dressing up I usually settle for the same old turquoise extras, but I need to have options!

One wardrobe extra I have been craving for a long time is a nice simple wedge.

I must admit that I have never been a fan of wedges. I had a pair when I was young and slim and could pull off most things, but ever since then I have shied away from them, finding heels to be a much prettier look, despite the rumour that wedges actually offer more support and stability – something I can lack after a few drinks…

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to pick an item from New Look to review. As soon as I saw ‘Wedges’ on that list I just knew I had to fight my reservations and try a pair. After a lot of oohing over these:

And aahing over these:

And lamenting at these being sold out in my size:

I finally stumbled across these bad boys:

Naturally I was torn over which colour to go for, but in the end settled on both. And then my boyfriend casually reminded me that I do have rather a lot of shoes and so I went for the simple elegant black pair.

The heel looked huge, but I was relying on the super power of the wedges to make me feel like it was nothing and I do love a good strap to keep me in check as well.
It felt like forever but finally the wedges arrived! I was on my way out the door to the gym when I almost collided with the delivery man. I snatched them from his hands and rushed back into my flat to try them on straight away. Fyi – wedges and a gym kit is a snazzy little look! I was in love! My legs looked about 8 foot long, the ankle strap didn’t cut my legs in half as much as I feared it would and although I was wobbling like Bambi I didn’t feel like I would land on my face, more that I would just have to take careful baby steps and do as little walking as possible when out in them!

I do have rather wide feet and I often have to turn shoes away due to this. However New Look do me proud and these babies were no exception. I went for my usual size 7 and then felt like a perfect fit, no pinching or rubbing or painful cramping of the toes.

I had some fun experimenting with a few outfits to see how versatile the shoes were and I am pleased to report that they look damn sexy with almost every style and outfit I own.

I have been wedgied and it feels good! I feel like I will need to take a pair of ‘safety flats ‘out with me when I wear them on a night out, but all in all I feel secure and stable in my gorgeous new shoes.

And whilst we are on the subject of New Look, why not try your hand at modelling for them?

You can find out more information by clicking here.


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