A few month ago I attended Panache’s first blogger event. Even though I feel that it should be ME thanking Panache for their amazing hosting and scrummy cupcakes the lovely Heather Kipling had other ideas! Quite unexpectedly I received a parcel from her with a 36HH/20 Paloma Superbra set and a note thanking me for attending the fabulous event. Spoiled or what?!

As I have mentioned before I really struggle to part with my padding when it comes to my bras. I rarely wear my non padded bras for a number of reasons that I have outlined here and yet find non padded bras to be the most gorgeous sets out there! Oh the trials and tribulations of having breasts!

In the end the gorgeous detailing of the flower stitching and vibrant colour combinations of the Paloma won me over and I decided to give it a go one day at work.

I do find that Panache bras come up quite snug – Paloma was no exception. I wouldn’t say that I found the bra uncomfortable in any way, but she definitely held me firm as I went about my working day which was long and fairly active. The band has 3 hooks and eyes which I love, the more the better! The straps are fully adjustable which is fabulous news for a lot of women. It wasn’t itchy or uncomfortable, the wires didn’t dig in and I felt secure and supported. I have tried a Superbra once before as seen here and I found the shape all wrong for my bust. Maybe it was due to my size and the bras size or maybe it just wasn’t for me! Paloma, however, suited me very well.

I didn’t really think of the bra as “sexy”, however, when my boyfriend saw me taking the photos in the set his reaction stated otherwise! Maybe it was the sheer fabric and my exposed bum crack, or maybe the fiery pattern – who knows. But don’t write this off as one of your plain sets ladies, the men have other ideas! He went on to suggest that I call this blog post “I Have Faith In Paloma” and then sent me this text:Paloma and I make a good seduction team!

Now for the most important bit – the shape! That is one of the biggest reasons that I avoid non padded bras, I can’t pull off the retro knockered look!

Paloma, however, was gentle on my tit ends and gave me a softer rounder look that didn’t scream “SHARP TITS” under my work shirt. Phew!

I think we can call this bra an unmitigated success! I went from not so keen to fighting off the bf, and it was all thanks to Paloma! Big thumbs up for the cheeky little firecracker, I hope I am not the only one who will be sampling her delights in the months to come.


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