I recently asked for photos of ill fitting and well fitted bras on my Facebook and Twitter pages. And you lovely lot were amazing with your responses! I have picked what I deem to be some of the best example of ill fitting and well fitted bras in the hope that these visuals will further reinforce why a well fitted bra is essential and what it should look like.

To start with, these bras do NOT fit the wearers. The cups are too small, the bands are too big, boobs are smushed, spilling, drooping, wires are poking, straps are digging, bands are riding…

If your bras look like these then it’s time to try some new sizes!

And here are many of the same ladies in well fitted bras that support, lift and separate. The photo speak for themselves!

If you’re still not convinced by what a well fitted bra can do and looks like then take a look at these comparisons and an explanation by the lovely Kate:


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