Recently I had the chance to try the Curvy Kate Daily Boost – my review can be found here.

I wore it a fair few times before realising that it was not the best size for me. It was a tad too loose in the band and the cups were not fully containing me. I tried it in a 36J and it was confirmed – the 38H had not been a good fit but it took a few wears to realise that. A few weeks later I took a trip to Bravissimo to spend a Birthday voucher and it was confirmed – I am now a 36J in a lot of styles!

How did this happen!? I am meant to be losing weight, not making my way through the alphabet! My only explanation is that I have migrated some breast tissue from wearing well fitted bras and sports bras recently, and probably improved my pec muscles at the gym, thus creating a larger chest! Luckily I have also had evidence that the rest of me is shrinking somewhat so it’s not all doom and gloom!!!

Here is my brand new 36J/22 Daily Boost set – a fab fit all round! I do get a slight ‘orange in the glass’ look as my boobs are quite wide and do not always settle into the bottom of the bra cups. But this does not show under clothes and is of no concern to me.

It is a snugger fit which feels a lot more secure. As the cup is padded and not moulded I do get that ever so slight ‘Madonna’ point, but it is unnoticeable under clothes. The Daily Boost is not for everyone as a lot of ladies find it does make their boobs a little ‘east and west’ but it suits me perfectly and I really hope they bring it out in a few more exciting colourways and patterns.

The thong is not my favourite and does not flatter my flub at all! I felt I may even need a larger size which worries me somewhat…

The bra that I got at Bravissimo was the Oh So Kimono, a bra that is also padded up to a J cup. I got the matching thong in a size 2XL.

I LOVE this bra! It is so gorgeous, the photos cannot begin to give it justice. It doesn’t give me the kind of cleavage that the Freya Deco does but it comes very close. I feel secure, uplifted and feminine. I love that it comes in a very large range of sizes. I love turquoisey colours and so this is perfect. The little button detailing on the central gore is ultra cute and is a nice touch. I have worn this bra a fair bit since I got it, not only as a set for when I want cleavage but also as a basic set. It has not let me down yet! Should Bravissimo bring out a few other colourways and patterns I will be right at the front of the queue to bag my next set, Decos, you are being replaced!

My only gripe with this set, any in fact most sets is…the matching bottoms. Why oh why are they so pricey?! You can get thongs in Primark for 99p, why do large cupped bras not have similar priced matching pants? If anyone can enlighten me I’d be interested to hear the reasons. I know many women do not bother with the matching briefs for this very reason, or prefer to go to places like Debenhams where they are free with the bra. It may be time for me to start doing the same!


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