If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will have seen my unbridled joy and excitement at appearing in LOOK magazine last week.

I made sure that everyone I know knew of my five minutes of fame and it meant a lot to me to offer words of wisdom in a magazine that is aimed more at women who don’t wince every time they see a strapless dress.

I received many lovely emails and comments and racked up a lot of blog views and I am so grateful to LOOK for letting me appear in their publication.

As you may be able to see one of the brands that I mentioned in the piece was the fabulous Lady V London.

Lady V are a relatively new brand who I first heard of thanks to the lovely Kathryn Kaupa.Click here to see her most recent review with links to her other reviews.

You can also see the gorgeous Gemma Cartwright’s review here.

And you can find Kelly Park’s review here.

Lady V may be a young company but they know how to listen to their customers and respond accordingly, something that you don’t often see these days *cough* Pepperberry.

Victoria of Lady V was so happy at the mention that she contacted me offering a dress for me to try! How could I refuse?! The dress I went for was this lovely creation, something different to the mass of floral that is my wardrobe! The size range of the midi dresses is UK16 – 32; so all in all Lady V stocks dresses from an 8 to a 32, how many other stores can boast such variety? The midi dresses also looked like a perfect length for my 5’7 leg hating frame, and with Victoria advising a UK20 for me I sat back and eagerly awaited the arrival of the dress.

Luckily for me the dress arrived on the very same day that I had a party to attend and it served me well during my night of eating, drinking and frivolities. The fit was perfect over my chest which is of course the most important thing in a swing dress. The waist is quite large but nothing that a cheeky belt won’t fix. I found the length to be spot on and the neckline is modest, meaning that this dress would be ideal in most formal or casual situations as the overall appearance makes it so versatile.

As my classy toilet photo shows I chose to pair the dress with a belt and cardigan to make the look ‘my own’ and also pull my waist in and hide my arms. However it is a stunning dress all by itself and if I was a little braver I would wear it as it comes as it is so well constructed for women with curves. I could possibly have gone for an 18 at a push – a size that rarely fits me in the afforementioned Pepperberry, a clothing line designed for women with large breasts!

The dress is 97% cotton and feels superb on. During my night out it didn’t crease easily or cling too much to my much hated lumps and bumps. It is not so heavy that you can imagine it being a pain on a hot summers – basically it’s perfect.

It has a flatteringly cut high back and is easy to zip up on your own, something that can’t be said for a lot of dresses.

The dresses are all reasonably priced with fantastic patterns and cuts and I cannot fault this company apart from on one tiny count – I’d love to see some models filling those dresses on the website. But they are young and these things take time. It is something I hope to see in the not too distant future.

Lady V, you will surely make me bankrupt very soon! Gorgeous well priced well made dresses – I’ll take a dozen!

Follow Lady V on Twitter here and on Facebook here to keep an eye on deals, discounts and new stock.


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