A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Panache’s first ever blogger’s event.

What an invitation! A chance to spend the day at Panache HQ with the lovely Panache team and fabulous fellow bloggers – and look at underwear exclusives! Heaven in a day!

Being quite ignorant I had no idea that Sheffield was! Luckily Cheryl and her car are still lodgering at mine and so we had a bit of a road trip – cue a lot of singing, a lot of giggling and doing our make up in the car park when we arrived only a few hours later!

We were greeted by the lovely Katie from Best British bloggers and met a few of the other bloggers before being ushered upstairs to the main event room.
A feast greeted us – of Panache staff, food and drink and bras and bikinis. So far so very very good.

We all got chatting and introduced ourselves as we tucked into cake and crisps and Pimms.
One by one we were taken off for a bra fitting – I was fitted as a 36HH, a back size down from last event’s fitting of a 38H. The Panache fitters are amazing and really know their stuff. I was jiggled and adjusted and educated on how my bra should feel and fit and it was a great feeling to literally be in the right hands!

We then had a tour of the Panache building, we saw the offices, the sample room – it is a huge building! We met the bosses sons and I was impressed by how it is a family business and they are as passionate about lingerie as I am which is really saying something!

We then were paired up and each had fifteen minutes with the designers from each brand within Panache – Cleo, Masquerade, Superbra and Panache Swim.

It was fascinating to hear all about the creating of the lines. They have a clear image of who the customer is for each brand and they follow up and coming trends to create amazing underwear. I was blown away by the colours and patterns and embellishments that go on the bras. Being a large cupped girl has never been so gorgeous and I’d rather go for that cheaper bottle of wine and be able to treat myself to a stunning quality bra than have to make do with ill fitting cheaper AND less pretty pieces. We even got a sneak peek at some of the SS13 pieces…oh there are some treats in store!

All too soon the day came to an end and Cheryl and I sobbed as the gorgeous fit models put their clothes back on and the food got cleared away.

It was a fabulous experience and great to be given a look around the Panache offices – and we were also given Panache sports bras! I will be sharing my review of it very soon.

Thank you Panache and Best British Bloggers, I can’t wait for the next event.


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