You may have seen that I am on a bit of a health kick right now. And just like every girl, no matter what size her breasts and what kind of activity she does, I need sports bras.

As seen in these posts I do own several sports bras, but can a girl ever have too many?


I was recently lucky enough to receive two Elomi Energise sports bras.

One was in my usual Eveden size of 34HH, one in a 36H my firm band bra size – the size I wear most often in Curvy Kate and Panache. I found that the 36H fit me best as the band with four hooks and eyes was very firm with little stretch.

The cups were pretty perfect. It gave my breasts a slight pointy look but nothing that I can’t handle whilst sweating heavily at the gym.

I have been going to the gym for around 3 weeks now and have done a variety of exercises and classes. I’ve cross trained, x trained, power walked up hills, cycled, lifted weights, done dance classes and floor work. And guess what? I have felt well supported, comfortable not at all restricted by my body size and shape. The bra hasn’t ridden up, the fully adjustable straps haven’t fallen down, I haven’t had to tuck myself back into the cups and my eyes remain unblackened. If that doesn’t prove what a fab sports bra it is then I don’t know what will!

Wearing a correctly fitted sports bra is so important! I cannot stress that enough. I see far too many ladies at my gym in normal bras or no sports bra at all and I really have to bit my tongue. Having little or no support will put your boob muscles under more strain and cause sagging and pain to your breasts and who wants that!? Yes sports bras are often pretty plain and leave your boobs looking a little flattened or pointy, but you are at the gym, who cares?! Better to look a bit funny in your sports bra and keep your boobs looking a little perkier out of the bra!

Thank you Elomi for my Energise, I will continue my worry free workouts in it for as long as it fits me.


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