I recently posted about my latest photo shoot with Velvet d’Amour and briefly talked about the corset I wore. Since doing that post and my previous post on a shoot with her I have had many emails and messages from women wanting to know more about my corsets, so I thought it was time to do a proper review!

The corset I had on in the second shoot is the best corset I have ever owned, hands down. It is the Morticia from What Katie Did.

I managed to snare it on eBay for a pretty bargainous price and it is amazing. I went for a size 30 as per the instructions – to go for a size 4 inches less than your natural waist.

I have worn corsets before and often found that they didn’t quite mould to my hippalicious shape, nor take my need to breath into account. This is where the Morticia is perfect as it has gored hips which means that it accomodates for my lumps rather than squishing into them and giving my bulges.

The corset unlaced – look at that shape!

It is described as being suitable for those who have at least a ten inch difference between their waist and hips and I am well into that category! It is quite flexible despite being steel boned which meant that wearing it for 7 hours was pretty easy. I was able to change my outfits, eat, sit down, bend down, fasten my shoes – and it wasn’t completely comfortable during all of those actions comfortable but I was able to do them with ease.

Yes…I do look like I am pole dancing…
The things I do to prove a product works!!!

If you want to invest in one good proper corset then the What Katie Did corsets are the ones to go for. It was fairly easy to get on and lace up on my own, it looks and feels great and thanks to the gored hips gives me minimal bulging. A perfect option for when I want that laced in look.

The corset laced as tight as I could get it on my own.

Check out their eBay clearance store for a fab bargain.

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