Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend a Simply Yours press event and meet Gok Wan as he unveiled his new shapewear range.

I loved that the he had three different colours of shapewear in six different styles, I adored seeing a slightly larger woman modelling the shapewear – the stunning Chloe Lewin, and I liked the range of sizes.

You can view and purchase the pieces here.

I am a huge shapewear fan as I love the clean silhouette it gives me. It’s not for everyone and not always the most comfortable item of clothing to slip into, but if it helps you feel more confident then what is the harm?

A family friend’s oldest son got married recently. The friend has fluctuated weight wise all her life and is currently fuller figured and often not so confident or interested in her appearance, favouring baggy outfits.
She wanted to look good at the wedding and so my Mum and I helped her look for some nice maxi dresses that would be suitable for such an event. I suggested that she might also like to try some shapewear and managed to obtain a piece from the Gok collection. I also found a Deco bra in her size and she was very touched and happy, thankfully seeing it as help rather than meddling.

She later told my Mum how she loved the shapewear, it wasn’t too tight and she could have sized down, but she didn’t want to feel uncomfortable and the size she went for smoothed her out and she felt great. She is a lovely woman who rarely has the chance to dress up and feel gorgeous, but thanks to some shaping magic she deservedly felt incredible on her family’s special day.