This post has taken me some time to produce as I have been going through a bit of a body battle recently.

Those who follow me on my Facebook page will know that I have started to feel fed up with my size and appearance. And so I have started to embark on a weight loss mission. I am eating better and have joined the gym in a bid to trim the fat, as it were. I don’t want to go too far, but I’d like to lose a bit of the wobble I have gained slowly over the last few years – a happy relationship and contraceptive pill are surely to blame!

As you may have noticed I have recently been cutting my head out of photos – this is due to my not being happy with anything I saw on the camera display and often sucking my gut in so hard that my face scared me! I would take hundreds upon hundreds of photos and often give up completely. I fell behind with a reviews a bit as I grew frustrated with my body.

However, I am pleased to report that the gym and healthy eating are going exceptionally well and today I was able to review a bra I have had for almost a month and the only thing that annoyed me about the photos was the fact that this new camera seems to make everything blurry and I don’t know how to fix it! I don’t want this blog to start to become all about weight loss, but I do think it is important to feel happy with yourself and I was not happy. The photos I post here have been carefully vetted and do not truly represent how I look and I no longer took pleasure in what faced me in the mirror. I now am starting to feel happy again and I am looking forward to a sunny holiday at the end of the year and hope to have a bikini body worth flaunting.

And so onto the review!

At the recent Eveden press event I had a fitting and received a free set. The lovely lady fitted me as a 34J and the set I received was the Freya Lauren Balconette in black.

If you follow my blog closely you will know that I often go for 36H in bras and so the idea of me leaping down a back size and up a cup size may seem baffling! However it is pretty much a normal size for me in Freya. I find that the bands come up a little looser than some other brands, and the cups a wee bit snugger. A 34HH is the cup equivalent to a 36H, so a 34J is just one cup size up.

The Lauren is a bra that I have tried on before and discarded. I found that the central gore was too wide and instead of lying flat like it should it would twist and pull away from my body. I think I tried it in a 34HH and just assumed that the shape was wrong for me. However, the wire in the 34J sat flush with my skin and just goes to show that, as with all items of clothing, some things need to be tried on in a few variations before making a purchase.

The Lauren bra is very comfortable, I have worn it a lot recently and have not felt like ripping it off after a few hours. It is firm and supportive. The shape it gives me is not quite as rounded as some non moulded bras give me. It gives me nice modest cleavage but slightly flattens my boobs on the top and points them downwards somewhat. It fully contains my sideboob without poking my armpit which is slowly improving my migrated breast tissue. It feels supportive with it’s three hooks and eyes, and the comfortable fully adjustable straps sit nicely on my shoulders. It has cute little bow detailing on the central gore and at the bottom of the straps. The bra has quite a retro look and feel to it and the matching briefs are equally gorgeous. My only gripe with the bottoms, as ever, is that they only go up to a size XL – the equivalent of a UK 16. I would need at least an 18 in these to fit my derriere and hips in comfortably.

Freya Lauren is a great basic bra with a cute twist. It comes in several different styles for different sizes. Why not check them out on the fabulous Leia Lingerie.

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