Debenhams are soon to celebrate a very important Birthday – their Gorgeous underwear line is about to turn ten!
The line features stunning bikinis and bras for all occasions and they often have huge sales on which is a Godsend for us busty ladies who struggle to afford large cup lingerie.

The range goes all the way up to a K cup in their 30+ bands, but only up to a G cup in their 28 bands. Fingers crossed that they start to manufacture larger sizes in 28 bands soon soon as I know of several small backed big cupped women who have expressed regret at not being catered for by them. However, the fact that a high street brand caters for such large cups fairly well across the board is pretty amazing and they should be applauded for that.

I can’t say that I have visited Debenhams since my brapiphany, but I do hope to have a fitting with them soon to tie in with another post I have planned which is related to their lingerie department.
They do have a great online fitting guide – check it out here. I love that they have a video and not a stupid calculator that adds four to your measurements like awful *some* high street chains…
It is a shame that a few of the products photos feature models in bras on the tightest hooks and with arching back bands.

Hopefully customers are more influenced by the video!


I was recently sent this gorgeous bra (as seen in the fitting video) in a 36H.

As I said it has been some years since I tried Debenhams and so I wasn’t sure what to expect from them. But I was impressed from the offset – the bra has three hooks and eyes, fully adjustable thick straps and gorgeous petal detailing on the cups.

The bra band was very firm, I could not have worn my sister size of 34HH in this style. It fitted me perfectly and gave me a lovely rounded shape.

I am a bit scared of sheer cups and white shirts and so did not try this out at work, but I found it very comfortable to wear around the house. It is firmer than I am used too and so I only wore it for a few hours at a time to adjust and break it in.

It’s not my first choice of bra, but it is a pretty alternative and a great basic bra – no wonder it is their bestseller.

If you are not convinced then check out this post by Sophia Jenner where she reviews the same bra and one other.

Debenhams – I have to admit I am impressed! Let’s hope that my planned bra fitting with you does nothing to spoil that.


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