A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to preview Eveden’s AW12 collection.

The location of the event was the extremely swanky Swarovski Crystal cafe and accompanied by my fellow bloggers Caroline, Sophia, Mhairi, Kitty and Rosie we giggled out way up the stairs to the gorgeous crystal and ice filled room.

We were met by the stunning Alex, the lovely lady who models Elomi for Eveden. Being hugged by a hot underwear model is a goooood way to start the day!

After signing in, hanging up our coats and admiring the cupcakes and mocktails being made by the barman we were shown round the collections by Holly.

I must warn you now that I am not so great on reporting back on the fine details of the collections. I would recommend checking out the earlier linked blog posts or this amazing post from Becky Mount if you want lots of names of bras. My post will pretty much be “this is what I saw and this is what I WANT” and I will possibly leave you in the dark!

The first thing that blew me away about the venue were the little and not so little touches to go with the wintery theme. There were bras and logos frozen in ice.

There were crystals everywhere.

And the adorable blonde models looked glorious in their Russian hats (and of course the ever sexy Alex)

And then there was the underwear…on the underwear…

I love butterflies and so I cannot WAIT for this Freya set to come out, I will even fight my non padded phobia! The lovely Iskra makes it look perfect.

In fact I am loving most of Freya – although no more Decos for me unless I actually start to fit them! (Pssssst, exciting news though – the new Decos will be going up to a GG in the 28 bands! They also have a soft cup Deco!) Freya seem to stop at a GG in so many styles and it’s pretty distressing for me. I am starting to prefer Ewa Michalak and Panache – they do not give me that Deco oomph but I can wear them comfortably without tucking myself in and adjusting myself. Boo. *sings the same old song* Pretty please Freya, I *promise* that there is a market for GG+ padded and moulded bras!

Where was I? Oh yes, Freya. The swimwear, loungewear and lingerie were superb. Freya is the leading brand in the Eveden group and it is obvious why. Fresh funky prints are rare to find when you require bras above a D and they really deliver!

We then moved onto older sophisticated sister Fauve, slightly older bubbly sister Fantasie and little petite sister Huit. I don’t think I saw anything that didn’t make me wish I had brought a bigger bag!

But what impressed me the most was Elomi! I have always thought of Elomi as the shy awkward frumpy cuddly sister of the brands. Elomi bras are rarely sexy or daring or colourful. They serve a purpose but they never experiment. However, thanks to Plus London and the glorious outspoken bloggers, Elomi have had a little makeover!

Wow, would you look at those styles and patterns?! Elomi just got sexy and she really does impress! Later on in the day some of the plus London ladies showed up and they were very happy with what they saw!

My only gripe is that once again it is a struggle to find to get much of the range once you go past a GG, but as Elomi have proven they are willing to listen and so fingers crossed the sizing is something they look at revising.

I then had a bra fitting and was told that I am a 34J! I am a different size in every brand and as Eveden are pretty generous in the band it comes as no shock to me that that it what I should wear with them.

I will be reviewing the bra set I received as well as Elomi’s exciting news and products in some imminent blog posts so stay tuned for them.

I hope you enjoyed perving over gorgeous undies and sexy models. Oh, it is so hard to be a lingerie blogger!


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