I love my Birthdays!

I may now be 24 but I am yet to get over the excitement of having a day where people say and give nice things to me. This year I received one of the best gifts ever – I graced the cover of a magazine!

That’s right, there’s a new Vol.Up.2 in town!

As ever it is filled with glorious diversity and even though I have perused it several times I am still blown away by it.

If you fancy buying a copy of this or the last magazine then click here. I was lucky enough to see the last one in print and it is a perfect coffee table size, a glorious thing to own.

Some of you may recall that I was lucky enough to be involved in the last copy and so when Velvet offered me the chance to be involved in the “Feminity” issue and appear on the cover I leapt at the chance! Especially when I learned that fellow plus size blogger Lauren Ding would also be involved and shooting on the same day as me!

As ever I had a lot of fun on the shoot with Velvet! She is crazy hilarious and really puts me at ease and gets the best from me! My hair was done by the amazing Emma Hellier of Salon Retreat and I did my own make up – I am very proud of how that turned out!

All details of mine and the model’s names and outfits can be seen in the magazine and most have clickable links. I was most impressed by my size 30 What Katie Did corset, which helped give me an amazing silhouette underneath my gorgeous dresses.

I was especially touched by Velvet’s Birthday message to me!

Next year’s Birthday will have to be pretty spectacular to top this one!


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