It’s no secret that I love BiuBiu.

I fell in love with this dress, went onto find the perfect work shirts and versatile tops. I have always been impressed by the quick shipping, great communication and helpful service provided by BiuBiu. I am also astounded by Kinga, the founder of BiuBiu’s kindness and generosity. They are still a fairly new brand and yet she is quick to reward us blogging folk with generous freebies.

I recently placed an order for some new work shirts I decided to go a 46BBB Vanity Fair as they cater a little more for larger hipped ladies.

As you can see it is a great fit across my hips and does a good job at hiding a black bra. It is a little baggy over my middle, but for me it works well as I wear an apron at work and that hides my tummy. The thing I love best about these shirts is that they do not need ironing at all! I hang them up when they come out the wash and they are good to go for work the next day. Perfect or what?!

Kinga had included four 46BB/BBB tops in the parcel and it felt like Christmas had come early!

Two of tops were patterned. One in the same style in the current Porto tops and one new style with a scoop neck – the Azulejos and the Provence.

I do love patterns, however I must confess that neither top really worked for me as these were a little too busy. I actually gave them to my Grandma who is in love with them! I have sewn up the neckline on the blue one as it was a bit low for her and they really suit here – she even had my Mum and I go through her wardrobe to check she had enough matching trousers! The unlikely clothing exchange led on to me telling her all about my blog as I had to wave her offers of payment away! Her favourite is the blue one as she is Estonian and it is blue black and white, just like her flag. She has made it quite clear that she will take anything else that doesn’t suit me! My Mum was a bit disappointed that my Granny liked them so much as she had hoped she might get to keep them. However as she is a 12SC in Pepperberry she did find them to be slightly bit, so maybe it was the best outcome. She is certainly keen to try some of the styles out soon, especially given that they are such a good price.

I was not willing to part with the other two tops in the parcel!

They are both empire line and the coral has a little tie at the back to help bring in the waist a bit more, the navy blue is as seen. I really like the neckline on them and also like the fact that they are not tight and can be worn with jeans. I know a few of my friends and readers have commented on a photo I posted on my Facebook page saying that it is not a great shape for apple shaped women, but I have a fair old midriff and thought I looked far better in them than in some tighter tops. I suppose it’s all about trial and error and personal preference – as my has Granny proven!

I hope that there will be many other tops in the scoop necked style for sale in different colourways as I have worn mine to death recently! I may have to get the lilac one as well. They also do not crease easily and are very soft and comfortable.

If you have not yet tried BiuBiu because you are unsure then drop me a message, or, even better, ask on the Facebook page. Kinga was so helpful when I bought my shirts and she will no doubt be able to assist with any enquiries.

The Space Librarian recently did a guest post on the fantastic Braless In Brasil and has also reviewed some current tops.


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