As some of you may have seen, I recently had the pleasure of lodgering (ahem) Cheryl fromInvest In Your Chest. She landed a job in London and my bunk bed was crying out for her! My boyfriend Robbie couldn’t quite believe his luck and really rather enjoyed living with two lingerie bloggers – especially when he got to model a bikini…

One of the perks of temporarily living with someone who works for a lingerie brand is that I got to trial bras and tankinis. I usually had to allow Cheryl to photograph me in them and then sadly hand them back, but one bra that I did get to keep recently was the…Daily Boost. I must admit that it is not a bra that appealed to me whatsoever. It is moulded but it isn’t a bra that is designed to lift and thrust the puppies and it comes in a rather plain colour range. I think I gave Cheryl a bit of a dirty look when she asked me if I would like to try one out!

The first bra that she brought me was a 36H. We both decided that it could do with being a little larger all over and so I then tried a 38H. My usual Curvy Kate size is 36H, 34J in the Showgirl and so it wasn’t a size that I expected to work, but it really does. The white piping and overlapping white and beige bows do help to set off my slightly olive coloured skin and give it a little something extra. Yes it is overall a regular beige bra and it does look rather uninspiring, but the bra is purely a functional bra. It won’t set Robbie’s pulse racing, but it has kept my bazookas strapped down whilst I have run around at work, chased after with my dogs and scuttled after my grandparents. I am used to tucking my boobs back in after such activities, but the fact that I only had a tiny bit of overspill really sealed the deal for me – this bra knows how to work magic on my full heavy bust.

I was also quite shocked by the shape that it gives me. I expected to like this bra purely due to the fact that it has fully adjustable straps, three hooks and eyes and is moulded, but I actually get a great uplifted slight cleavage in it! It is also low enough to wear under most of my tops and dresses and is starting to be the first bra I pull out of my lingerie cave. It is a great wardrobe staple and when some of my darker bras go to lingerie heaven I will no doubt be snapping it up in white and black as well!

I got the matching full briefs in a 22 and I was not as impressed by them I have to say. I do find that Curvy Kate briefs come up a little small, but even in a 22 I had slight cutting in and a slightly exposed bum cleavage! I kind of wish they came with high waisted shaper briefs as that would work really well with such a basic easy to wear set, but these will do the job on those lazy days at home.

Overall I am pleasantly surprised by this set. I didn’t want to try it and would not have bothered had Cheryl not been a fabooblous lodger. It is now a firm favourite and I would love it if Curvy Kate could make it in some funkier colourways and patterns and maybe also make a “nude” for all skin colours.

Curvy Kate are doing amazingly well for a three year old brand and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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The Daily Boost is also available online at New Look.


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