Some weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Robin Davis who asked if I wanted to try out one of her fabulous body wraps. As I am on a constant quest to improve the way I look I jumped at the chance, particularly after seeing these photos.
The parcel arrived very very quickly and I decided to save it until just before a busy weekend – a photo shoot and my boyfriend’s 30th birthday celebrations were to take place.
The wrap was not what I expected; I had envisioned something that would actually wrap around an area, but this was a strip of paper with some lotion on it. I decided to target my troublesome wobbly belly and I used cling film to secure the wrap to my washed and dried stomach and set about pampering the rest of me in front of the TV.
A few moments later the area started to tingle, like I had toothpaste on me! My boyfriend was sat in the bath laughing at me and my reactions to the feeling of it! I kept the wrap on for a few hours as I drank water, as instructed. I tried to keep it on whilst I slept as Robin had advised, but being the restless creature that I am it meant that it soon came off. However, I felt like I had kept it on for a good amount of time.
At the Volup2 shoot the next day (the photos will be out on my Birthday, May 15th!) I had to wear a corset and I felt like I went on a little easier than usual.
I tried to drink as much water as I could throughout the day and during the evening the followed.

The next two days passed in a flurry of champagne and and partying as I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday. I tried to drink water as often as I could and didn’t actually suffer with a killer hangover thanks to that!

I wore tight dresses with shapewear the whole weekend and I felt pretty damn good about myself! So good, in fact, that the very next day I took these images for a swimwear review:

I still have a bit of wobble going on but I felt pretty good about myself! I did lose an inch or so on my stomach and felt far less bloated. Unfortunately it hasn’t lasted as I just had the one wrap, but as I am now getting back into a diet and exercise routine I am hoping to continue flattening and compacting my shape! I will definitely consider trying some more wraps along with my longed for weight loss – most likely to help firm and tone the skin as the weight comes off (fingers crossed!)

So check out the Facebook page and shop and why not give one a go yourself and let me know what you think.


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