So if you have taken the time to extensively read my blog you will see that I am a huge huge HUGE fan of Leia Lingerie. Leia stock the brands Elomi, Fantasie, Fashion First Aid, Fauve, Freya, Freya Active, Huit, Royce, Simone Perele, Spanx, Falke Hosiery and Magic Fashion. Before their Richmond branch closed down I used to spend many happy hours there browsing, chatting and adoring the staff and collections – it was like a no calorie sweet shop for me! When they found out I had a blog they were nothing but supportive and upon seeing my glowing reviews for the store they even gifted me a free set. I cannot say enough good things about Leia and no, this is not because they thank me in underwear. There is of course an assumption that we bloggers get showered with freebies that we wax lyrical about, even if we hate them and they are awful on us. Not true, not for me anyway. I have turned down products before that I know will not suit and that I do not like, and most of my freebies have been things that I have selected or tried on and pretty much knew that it would suit me.

Recently myself and CurvyWordy were invited to Leia’s Bluewater store for a fitting. We arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed and almost immediately the lovely Annie greeted us. She didn’t rush over and make us feel claustrophobic, nor did she make us feel like we had intruded, she just let us know she was there and let us do our own thing for a bit. After a few moments store manager Leigh came to the shop floor, recognised us and said hello and welcome to the store. She urged us to try on anything we liked and she and Annie did a great job at fetching us whatever we desired from the stock room. I think there were only a couple of items that they didn’t have in our desired sizes which is pretty amazing!

As Caroline said in her post we decided to share a changing room initially which mean that we spent far too long chatting! After exhausting our first round of products we went out to fetch more and decided to have a fitting that time. We were brought everything we wanted and more, recommending styles we didn’t think to try, including the glorious Fantasie Claudine. The fitter advised that I try a 34H as opposed to my usually 36H as both the band and cup were generous.

Now as you know I am a padded fan myself. But that does not mean that I won’t try non padded styles. As you can see the Claudine gives me an enviable rounded shape and is a great firm fit. I have a teeny tiny bit of escaped side boob but I know from experience that a larger cup doesn’t solve that, especially as it fits perfectly elsewhere. I have a lot of tissue movement from wearing the wrong size for so many years and it is something that will move back in time, my slow and steady weight loss will also help.

I tried on many many other bras and I have to say I was presented with a common problem – the central gore rarely sat flush against my chest like it did with the Claudine. I know that a lot of women struggle to find bras that fit properly and as proved with the Claudine it is possible to find a bra that suites, you just have to keep looking. Not every bra suits every shape or makes everyone’s boobs look the same, it is important to remember that. We are all different!

I had the same hit and miss luck with the bikinis. My favourite bikini of all time is the Freya Ritual and I was desperate to find something that gave me that similar unrivalled lift and sexy look. I was hoping that the Freya Calypso would be the beautiful answer to my prayers! But sadly it was not for me and it gave me a very East and West shape. Then I chanced across the Freya Limbo and fell in love. I love green, I loved the shape, I love string bottoms, perfect! I went for a 38GG as a firm fitting bikini is not quite as essential as a firm fitting bra, and this 38GG fitted me perfectly. I don’t even care that it is non padded, it is divine!

As silly as it sounds I had a fabulous few hours in Leia, lingerie shopping is something I actually enjoy! The staff were attentive, never pressured us, never fibbed about the fit of something or made us feel like our bodies were wrong, they were friendly, fun and I cannot recommend Leia highly enough. It is such a shame that they have so few stores and that so few people seem to know about them and prefer to visit Marks and Spencers or similar. This is why you should NOT visit Marks and Spencers, they put me in a 40GG…

So next time you are in York, Cardiff or Bluewater why not visit Leia. You can just go for a fitting, or if you do fancy making a purchase you can collect stamps for every £30 you spend and eventually you can collect a free bra! What is not to like?!

Leia Lingerie, I cannot fault you. A well laid out clean spacious store, a fantastic range of products, amazing staff with superb knowledge and a great reward scheme. Thank you for having us x


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