It’s been a juddering start but it finally feels like summer is approaching! And with the summer comes an abundance of weddings and parties, especially, it seems, for my Mum!
She told me how she would need several dresses for a few dances and events she would be attending and so off I went to scour the land for something that would suit her! She is 6ft tall and wears a 12SC in Pepperberry clothing, so as you can imagine she struggles somewhat with clothing. I looked at a few sites before turning to eBay where I found this amazing shop. I loved the polka dot swing dresses and has it on good authority from a friend that they were fabulously made but a little wide on the shoulders – so perfect for my Mum. I went for the green dress in a size 14 along with a petticoat and little white shrug. Ta da!

Sorry about the grainy mobile phone photo!
She has since removed one skirt from the petticoat as she didn’t think it was age appropriate to have such a puffy skirt and it looks amazing.

Naturally I can’t be around pretty dresses without slipping a cheeky order in for myself so I went for this purple number in a size 18:

Perfection as well! The dress is fully lines, does not crease easily and fits like a glove. We both agreed that we would need to sew our dresses up at the cleavage a little bit and that adding out own belts would help break the pattern up and emphasise out waists. Now we just need to make sure we don’t wear them together…

Another fabulous summery dress that I came across recently is this Grecian number from Wallis. Myself and fellow blogger Curvywordy are big fans of boob friendly high street store Wallis and this dress was an instant hit for me.

It is fairly long, I am 5’7 and found it to be spot on, a little tricky on stairs. It would look amazing with gold heels. The neckline is modest and the gold chain belt sets the colour off amazingly. I feel that my waist is a tad lost and will probably add my own thicker belt next time I wear it. As you can see it is an Angelina dress! But the slit isn’t high enough to be indecent and gives the dress a unique feel. I have to admit I had given up on maxis with my size and shape but this dress made me reconsider. It doesn’t cling to me or make me look too much bigger. My only concern is that when you get liquid on it ie wine it does show for a while before drying. But then if that’s my only grumble that’s pretty good.

Where do you buy your summer dresses from? What do you like to wear on warmer days and nights?


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