Around a year or so I came across Nikki Hesford in the form of her clothing line, then “MissFit UK”. I had just started to discover clothing for large breasts and I was delighted with my purchase of a black babydoll dress from her, it fitted and flattered perfectly.

I have kept a keen eye on Nikki’s business since my buying success as we large boobied ladies can never have too many options. Recently Nikki rebranded herself as The Big Bra Bar, “A new online store aiming to sell everything the big busted woman could want and need…. in time, as they are still a small company.” She is constantly evolving and growing and recently trialled a few 24 and 26 backed bras, something that the petite ladies have been crying out for. She does not cater beyond a 36 band or size 16 in clothing as yet which has created some controversy, however she is just a small one woman business and who knows what the future may hold. The fact that she sells swimwear and lingerie for smaller backed women is a rarity and one that should not be overshadowed by the fact that her range has not been expanded further as yet.
She is soon to be selling couture wedding dresses to go along side her lingerie lines, some specifically aimed at augmented women, couture party dresses, dresses and shirts designed for larger busts and swimwear.

Recently I was lucky enough to try out her Slinky Dip wire free bikini in a 36H with size 14-16 briefs. The bikini is designed for sunbathing and lounging around the pool. As it has no wires it is not for everyone and some women may find it unflattering. I love that this bikini is affordable and just one price for both pieces.

I really rather like it! It fully encased me and gave me no dreaded side boob, the long neck and back ties made me feel elegant and girly and who can say no to polka dots?! Admittedly halternecks can feel a bit uncomfortable after some time, but as this bikini was created for lazy summer days the halterneck should feel fine. I do not have the world’s perkiest breasts but the support worked well on me, I have other bikinis to call upon for under the chin cleavage, sometimes that is not appropriate or necessary! I love tie side briefs as my very large bottom and hips are rather meaty and I get muffin top very easily! They are also very flattering on larger legs. The back of the briefs gave me good bottom coverage which is essential when you have as much bottom as I do!

I will definitely be keeping a close eye on The Big Bra Bar’s developments and new lines. New companies are willing to listen and change and BBB is proving to be no exception. My experiences with them have been only good and long may it stay that way.

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