When I started this blog almost one year ago I had no idea where it would take me. I was encouraged from the start and my “fanbase” just kept on growing and supporting me. Since creating my Facebook page I have received even more lovely comments and messages from you lovely ladies (and the odd gent). I have advised countless ladies on how to fit for and shop for bras, consoled women, had healthy debates and shared my woes and insecurities and been given big virtual hugs. I would like to share some of these comments if I may, I am sort of bigging myself up but I also want you to see how worthwhile this venture has been. Every blog view, comment, new follower, share…it just makes me so happy.

“It may sound silly to say that bras can change a person’s life. But they can. They changed mine.
Not too long ago I happened upon a young lady via the internet who has made my daily life a far better place. I know that that probably sounds melodramatic, but it’s true.

Georgina, the writer of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, and a facebook community of beautiful curvacious women have opened my eyes to a very important subject. Bra sizes — and the fact that pretty much all women are not only wearing the wrong size, they are wearing a size 2, 3,4, or 5 cup sizes TOO SMALL and a few band sizes TOO BIG!

We’ve all been led to believe that women are supposed to fit into this A-DDD 32-40 sizing chart. We have all been led to believe that if we are larger than a DDD we either have fake tits, or we are freaks of nature. We have also been led to believe that our band sizes are way bigger than they really are. Plus- sized ladies like myself who wear a 36 (or even 34) band size are thought to be lying the way a woman might lie about her weight. It’s not a lie. We just know how a bra is supposed to fit. When I say I am a 36J (which I usually am) I am not saying that I am not chubby– only “big boned.” I know damn well I’m chubby, thank you. What I’m saying is I wear a 36J! Prior to reading Georgina’s blog I thought that I was a 40 DDD/E. And even a 40DDD is hard to find, so I was always forcing my breasts into 38DD bras. My nipples always slipped out of the cups. Underwire was constantly poking me in the sides (and even the underside of my arm) and I was always uncomfortable. I would get dressed up and constantly worry about a wardrobe malfunction. My boobs were the first thing that anyone ever noticed about me and the most uncomfortable part of my body. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great rack. But that’s not all I have, you know? I have a brain. And a beautiful smile (with dimples!) and I’m a kind and loyal person. But all of that has always been second to my jugs. You see, if you wear a bra that is too small—not only is it uncomfortable, but an ill-fitting bra leads to unnatural looking breasts and cleavage. People often asked me if they were real, both men and women treated me like I was a slut, and in spite of enormous boobs, I always felt very un-ladylike—like a giant female Frankenstein monster about to attack innocent villages with my cleavage.
Women in our society (in most societies) have always gotten the message, either outright or subliminally, that we need to be SMALLER. Yes, even back in the 40ies and 50ies when the ideal female body was a little bigger and curvier. We were still smaller. We receive the message that we need to be smaller in personality, smaller in opinions, speak more softly than men, smaller in stature, and basically just less THERE than men. And bra sizing has been no exception to this rule.
Women have been led to believe that if they are larger chested then they must be fat. For example, if I follow the bra- sizing guidelines for playtex bras I’m a 42 C– which is INSANE! I mean… ANYONE who has ever seen me, knows that that is insane!! But it’s like society can’t allow women to be both large and feel good about our bodies. We’re not allowed to be large and comfortable. If we are large, we must be punished for it. If a woman has breasts my size, well… she must be a freak. Or really, really fat or something. *sigh*.
So we are forced to smoosh our ample bosoms into way too small cups and pretend we are 40 DDD’s. That’ll teach us, right?

Understanding proper bra sizing, knowing other women who have had similar issues and feelings, and most importantly—wearing a properly fitting bra has enhanced my life in ways almost too numerous to mention.
Remember how I said that when I used to get dressed up I was constantly worried about nipple slippage and other mishaps? That’s gone. Now I get dressed up and people see ME. Not JUST boobs! My boobs are still there, they are still giant, and they are still magnificent, but they now flow with the rest of my body. My body is not just boobs anymore, it is a feminine curve from collar bone to ankle that shows the beauty of my entire body. Gone are the days when my boobs fell out of my bra and my back fat stuck out from under a band that rode up too high. Now my boobs stay where they are supposed to and, even though I have gained weight, my back fat is nicely tucked in place under a properly fitting bra strap that sits where it should.
Sometimes, men even look in my eyes now!
Most importantly, gone is the woman who used to feel like a monster or a freak of nature.
I am forever grateful to Georgina and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust for the life-changing information that has enabled me, for the first time in my life, to feel really confident with my breasts and with their size.
I only wish that every woman had this knowledge and this freedom.”


“I have a confession to make.

I used to have a really big problem with women. In general, I just did not like them. I’d had some really bad experiences in the past with my previous relationships and their ex-girlfriends, as well as other girls who just had no respect for me as my significant other’s partner, and this made me loathe my own gender so much that it was disrupting my ability to have a normal life, and causing legitimate problems in my relationships.

Seriously. It got really bad, at one point, but it all boiled down to the issues that I had with myself, not the ones I actually had with other women. I never actually hated them. I was just so insecure, that I projected it on them. My relationship almost ended. And one day I just stumbled on your blog, I think from the PUG Facebook page or something. I was amazed at what you were saying, and everything that you were doing. To me, you were brave, and gorgeous, and hell–looked like me! (Sort of. You’ve definitely got a waist that I would kill for, but you get the picture.) I started thinking that if I could view you as beautiful, I sure as hell could start viewing myself that way. I read every single one of your blog posts in two days. And after I was finished, I started looking at the blogs of some of the girls you link to–Cheryl, etc, and it started reshaping my views: about myself, about my (wrong) opinions of other women. It was a little bit empowering, positive, and very refreshing. My attitude is a work in progress, as I still have little stupid, irrational flare ups of jealousy and what not, but you, all the girls from the online forums, etc, are really helping me. Point is, if you want me to write a testimonial for you and your blog, I would be honored, because without even trying to, you completely reshaped my mindset.

I also used to have REALLY bad body-image issues. (I had been verbally abused as a child by my mom’s boyfriend, so it’s hard not to start to view yourself the way you’re constantly being described by another.) And jealousy issues to boot. I always viewed myself as too fat, or not pretty enough, and constantly compared myself to those aforementioned ex-girlfriends. I would flip my shit every time a girl added my (now fiance) on Facebook.

But now, with the help of George’s blog, I’m starting to finally come to terms with my curves, view myself as pretty, and all of those other issues are melting away with my self-hatred. Fullerfigurefullerbust has showed me, FINALLY, that I don’t have to lose 30 pounds to be attractive, and that half the battle is learning to dress and love the body you HAVE, not the one you think you want.”

Those are just two of the wonderful messages that I have been privileged to receive. I love that I am changing lives in a way, but it really is down to you lot. So thank you so much <3

Next step – world domination and abolishment of all bra fitting calculators!


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