Whenever I post my Pinup Girl Clothing purchases up I get a fair few comments from you lovely lot lamenting about the prices. And so I thought I would share with you a fantastic new place that I have come across where I can buy these lovely garments at a lower price as well as avoiding those beastly taxes and high shipping costs.

That marvellous place is – the PUG Swap/Sell Community, a Facebook page set up by loyal PUG fans under Micheline Pitt’s instructions. The reason I love this page is not only because of the beautiful bargains that I have snapped up, but also because, unlike eBay there is no hassle when it comes to bidding and often no country restrictions. The girl’s will name their price and if you get there first it is yours. This of course means loitering around the page a lot in the hope that something you really want will pop up but it is so worth it! You will find that a lot of ladies post clothes there from other pinup companies and they live all over the world.

Recently I was lucky enough to snap up two dresses from a lovely lady called Christina. One 2XL Deadly Dames Pinup Girl Clothing dress and one 3XL leopard print dress from Stop Staring. Christina was generous enough to also send me some of her lovely hair products that she makes for her shop Tattooed Cuties.

They fit right in with the rest of my collection, that’s for sure!

And so thanks to her I was not only blessed with two lovely new dresses but two great accessories to help make those looks unique!

I found the PUG dress to be quite tight on my arms and I may alter that at a later date. Apart from that I love it as it is so flattering – I am sorely tempted to get it in every colour!

I had never tried Stop Staring before but I will definitely have to give them a go again! I was not so keen on the hole under the bust and may well stitch the ties down over the gap. The arm holes are quite low but as I wear cardis and shrugs at all time this was not really an issue for me. Apart from the the dress is perfect. Snug all over, an amazing length and perfect over my bust and cleavage.

So why not stop by the page and see if you can bag yourself a bargain. Paying full price is not the only way to own amazing dresses.


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