So as promised I would like to share some more entries to my competition.


Design A Bra By Jillian Johns

It’s the best everyday bra you could ever own.
Three panel lightly padded deep plunge.
Multi-way straps: regular, wide racer back, narrower racer back, halter, and wide set.
Hook and eye back with an amazing new front feature- A LOCKING INDUSTRIAL ZIPPER FOR EASIER ENTRANCE AND EXIT!
Made of strong but breathable two way stretch powernet with corset like paneling in the weave.
Double banding at the waist and hidden in the lower edge to prevent roll up.
And best of all………
UK 24-50 back sizes AND A CUP RANGE UP TO MM!!!


Design A Bra By Dana Wichmann

“The sexy, fun, and flirty Vivian longline is here! With fuller adjustable shoulder straps, three vertical panels on each cup for maximum lift and support for larger busts, a plunging shape ideal for low necklines, and light boning throughout the torso to sculpt your luscious figure and whittle your waist…this is the bra you’ve been waiting for! In luscious leopard print on purr-fect purples, with lace details for that pretty, feminine touch.”


My Recipe By Tao Flaherty

Place four fifths of a large brain
over wide shoulders and hips
in a bucket full of honesty.
Garnish with
10 large toes and
10 long fingers, and
Serve with music.


Ode To Wardrobe By Clarisse

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracle
for little lady with big breasts!
well fitted bras and – miracle of miracles –
dresses, tops that fit my chest!

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles
A fairy came to dress me up!
She had a backpack full of bras!
And each one with a bigger cup!
I tried them on with disbelief – that was a miracle –
I saw the end of my clothing grief – that was miracle too
But of all those miracles large and small
The most miraclulous one of all
Was the one I thought would never be
My mirror showed a whole new me!

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles
Three fairies took me by the hand
They dressed me up and – miracle of miracles –
Led me to the promised land!

And all those plunge bras I could wear, that was a miracle
A dress that made my husbande stare, that was a miracle too.
But of all the miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all
Is the one I thought could never be:
Mirror shows a whole new me!
Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles –
No more frustration, no more nerves!
I love my shape and – miracle of miracles-
I want to show my lovely curves!


My Recipe By Amy Watson

Measure out of sweet sweet nice (could also use any mix of kindness and joy), sprinkle generously all over as your base and heart of the recipe.
Then Add a VERY generous dollop of naughty, but the good quality stuff that means your recipe will still retain it’s class.
Add a handful of optimism pre marinaded for a lifetime in realistic logic
Add a dash of protectress
Then a pinch of fun branded randomness
Pour in a large jug of tea, very important
And mix it together it all up, put it in the oven and wait til it looks like a curvy blonde girl loving life.


Design A Bra By Mhairi Williamson


My Recipe By Joey Haynes

For the creation of one Josephine please follow the following instructions with care.

Preheat environment to positive and creative and line with support and inspiration. To make your Josephine a caring, with a friendly nature make sure to smother your ingredients in love throughout the process.

For the base:

Add a teaspoon of determination and Combine with confidence, a good balance between practical and silly, some tolerance openness and playfulness. Mix a large amount of passion with energy and a thirst for knowledge.

Bake the base for twenty years on a low heat and allow it to rise of its own accord with only a little guidance.

For the topping:

Combine; sturdy legs and arms for cuddles, a waist, breasts and hips for sexy femininity, a characteristic nose , a cheeky smile and a twinkle in the eye. These combines should produce a pretty and practical shell for your base, one that reflects the person on the inside.

Pour the topping onto the base and serve your one and only, delicious, delectable and very good for you, Josephine


My Recipe By Tiina Repo

One head, smart, full of ideas.
Bunch of thick long shiny hair.
Two arms, long and lean, must be able to carry more than 30 kg of children.
Two legs, matching the arms, but stronger.
Two breasts, soft and large. Must have plenty of milk for the baby.
One heart.
Loads of love.

Cover the head with the hair. Gently join together with the rest of
the ingredients. Finish by filling the heart with love for family,
friends and the whole world.


Stay tuned to read and see more of the amazing entries I was blessed to have!


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