Some months ago I saw that Plus Size Tall were looking for models to star in Velvet D’Amour’s magazine. You had to submit a face photo, a front view and a back view and a blurb about yourself and hope to be picked, no public votes, no begging and advertising, just luck of the drawer. I didn’t think much of it – and yet a few weeks later I received that exciting email letting me know that I had been picked to be in a shoot with Velvet! I had a bit of contact with her beforehand and she mentioned how she wanted to showcase my proportions with tight dresses whilst fitting in with the “Ecstasy” theme. It all sounded very exciting!
When the day arrived I had butterflies in my stomach. I knew that I would be shooting with a male model at his house, something that my boyfriend had begrudgingly come to terms with! Due to the wonder that is public transport I was slightly late to the shoot and freaked out a little that Velvet would call the whole think off! Luckily, however, she was also running a little behind and so I waited for her at the location sipping jasmine tea and watching Jerry Springer.
As I had met Velvet the previous night at Curves In Couture I was immediately at ease in her presence. She set the awesome make up artist to work on me whilst she looked through my outfits and selected what she wanted me to wear. After my hair had been styled to perfection I was laced into my corset and Velvetised! By that I mean shooting with Velvet was like having a work out – I tensed, held poses, got into funny positions and was exhausted by the end of it.
So why not click here for a link to the glorious magazine, filled with ladies of every age, ability, size, colour,height and shape. And here are my favourite snaps of myself…


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