Recently I hosted this competition on my blog and can I just say it was one of the best things I have done! I was overwhelmed by entries, you ladies are just fantastic, inspiring and you did me and my crazy entry ideas proud! It broke my heart that I was unable to only have 8 winners as I would love to give you all something! So here are my 3 winning entries, one from each category, and 5 lucky dipped entries. I will be posting more during the coming weeks as I have got to share how fabulous you ladies are. Thank you for being amazing <3

*Design A Bra Winner – Kelly Parks*

“Give yourself over to absolute pleasure with our sparkling new ‘Columbia’ bra, kicking off our new ‘Movie Classics’ lingerie and swimwear range!

Based on the costume of the feisty red-head from the 1976 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, ‘Columbia’ is completely hand embellished by our in-house team, ‘Columbia’ is based on our best selling ‘Black Panther’ plunge shape (MKB0025), giving uplift, cleavage and support. It boasts hundreds of dazzling multi-coloured sequins, reminiscent of Columbia’s corset, a rainbow of stripes to echo her shorts, gold sequin straps to represent her top hat and tails and who could forget that iconic glittering red bow tie? We certainly didn’t! In fact, we gave you THREE! We use only the finest fabrics and trims here at Miss Kitty’s Boudoir which not only compliment the design but also feel great next to the skin. ‘Columbia’ can be teamed with any of the briefs and suspender belts from our ‘Bedazzled’ range for a perfect combination.

‘Columbia’ is exclusive to us here at Miss Kitty’s Boudoir and will be available for a very limited time only. ‘Columbia’ is made to order in any size we stock (26-42 A-K) so nobody misses out!

So let us rose tint your world and place your order today!”


*Recipe Winner – Fiona Clinch*

How to make the perfect Long Island Iced Fee.

Take 3 years of an eating disorder, allow to settle.
Mix a childhood full of taunts with a 5 year matured dash of self harm.
Shake frenziedly until frothing, pour over ice, then immediately throw down the drain.

Take the residue of strength, willpower and courage, and add vodka. Leave in freezer to set to ice-cold determination.

Squeeze the juice of fresh limes, along with a dry, juicy sense of humour.
Add a dusting of loyalty, independence, hopeless romanticism and sugar. Allow no-one to see the last two ingredients.
Pour a liberal amount of gin both into glass and self (after all, gin makes the world go round) along with a healthy dose of honesty.
Flare white rum and cointreau over a 46″ bust, a tight-laced 28″ waist and hidden tattoos.
Throw in a dash of tequila – but not much, for it is vile, and in vast quantities causes a flame-haired volatile flailing on 6″ fetish footwear.
Add more gin.
Whilst indulging in the preparation of this delicious mix, make sure someone is making you chocolate mousse with the left-over rum. For rum only really belongs in chocolate mousse.
Allow concoction time to breathe, whilst adjusting hair-dye, heavily styled eyebrows, thick kohl eyeliner and 50s glasses. Struggle into 12 strap suspender girdle, affix Cuban heeled back-seam stockings and decide on boudoir bra. Observe self in mirror. Wiggle and admire. Pray no-one sees you.
Pour mixture over ice and top up to taste with either Coca-Cola (if you prefer classic with a twist) or Pepsi (if you’d like something more accessible).


*Ode To Wardrobe Winner – Kathryn Kaupa*

My Wardrobe.

For years a plenty you held little
More than a disguise,
A cloak to throw about my person,
To hide from prying eyes.

But then you held tee shirts many
Blazened with a slogan or two,
So when it comes to wearing them,
I know that only jeans will do.

Suddenly my legs came on show,
First in skirts, then in dresses,
With ballet pumps and kitten heels,
With makeup and long tresses.

Business dress next to tackle,
With camisoles and shirts
To hide away the bust,
And the rear covered by skirt.

And now it is opened,
Not with dread or despair,
But with anticipation, glee
and a true fashionable flair


*Runner Up – Angie Smart*

My recipe!

Take a man, crack open and separate!
Add essence of woman
Fold in gently
Pour in love and a big heart
Add a heaped dessert spoon of slapstick and same again of articulate wit
A cup of tolerance
And a cup of conscience
Melt in a cube of logic and understanding
Seal together and tuck the balls up inside and stuff with kindness
Decorate with two mounds of cream and top off with two cherries

Et voila! There you have Big Angie 😉


*Runner Up – Q Lyla*

Belladonna is beautiful in the bedroom and elegant under clothing. The divine fit of the stretch satin bra makes for a luxurious experience. The half-cup longline bra features a 3-part cup for best shape, lift, and support. The longline style eliminates the dreaded “back roll”, while remaining snug and providing exceptional support. The straps are pretty enough to show off and the cup covers just enough, while remaining hidden under low cut tops. Belladonna comes with removable cookies, for an optional extra boost. Available in any size, Belladonna flatters ladies of all shapes and sizes. Matching panty available.

Colours: pale nude, rose, burgundy, aubergine, grey, and black.


*Runner Up – Liz Divall*

Recipe & Method:

· Start with 1 large cup of high grade Sarcasm. This will be the basis of the recipe, otherwise, don’t bother.

· Add 1 small handful of humour, juvenile if available, 1 ½ medium wedges of cleavage, 2 large brown eyes, excessive hugs and a teaspoon of unruly hair.

· Whisk together until you’ve made an epic mess.

· Once blended, take mixture and add a large dose of sleep – chill for approx. 8 hours or until ingredients are relaxed and easy to stir.

· Remove mix from fridge and add a pinch of feistiness, a tablespoon of cheekbones, a small amount of waist (not waste!), a sprinkle of naivety, copious amounts of love & a hint of caffeine. Note: caffeine is vital to avoid the mixture becoming highly unstable.

· Pour into a knitted hat & leave to stand before decorating with tattoo’s, piercings & red lipstick.

· Finally, throw the whole lot out of the window as it will taste horrid and sit down with a cuppa. Leave to mature in the garden for 26 years until you have a slightly weird, yet lovable, woman.


*Runner Up – Lauren Oxner*

My garments fitting around my large bust
surely flow away from my tiny waist.
The tops and jackets that hug my hips
are certain to leave my chest exposed.
Protruding, attention-grabbing, there.
My curves are too unique to wear
the mainstream clothing I have bought.
My curves are too specially crafted to fit
the measurements for normal sizes.
There are the special pieces, however,
that make my body feel like it belongs.
Finding them was hard to do and took
much more time than a trip to the mall.
A wrap dress that shows off my lean legs.
A crisp button-down that defines my waist.
A nude bra that never lets me fall flat.
They are perfect and I feel like
they were crafted just for me.
And I am perfect in them, under them.
Confident. Beautiful. Incredible.


*Runner Up – Anna Phizacklea*

“The Royal bra is a sultry longline bra in a variety of jewel tones. It is made of a rich silk, with sheer black panels at the sides and light boning in the body. The cups are overlaid with sheer black lace, with black piping over the cups and body. There is also a bridal version of the set in ivory, with coordinating lace and piping.

It has lightly padded, formed cups, giving an uplifted and rounded shape, along with a modest cleavage. There is removable extra padding in the bottom of the cup, which can be used to either balance out uneven breasts or just to add a little bit of va-va-voom 😉

It has two sets of exchangeable straps: half-adjustable decorative straps with glass beads and bows (as shown), or fully-adjustable plain black straps. In smaller cupsizes it may be possible to wear strapless.

It has 5-7 sets of hooks and eyes for secure support. The underwires are felted in smaller backsizes, and the ends of the underwires are “capped” to avoid digging into armpits or popping out.

It comes in a huge selection of 24-44 AA-L, and has plenty of matching sets: Briefs, shorts and thong, as well as a suspender belt, and high-waisted briefs with detachable garter hooks, all designed to flatter perfectly and make you feel amazing!”


Thank you again ladies, you are a wonderful bunch.

Love George x


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