Hello everyone, my name is Kelsey; I am a plus size model and am here to share my excitement for the Miss British Beauty Curve pageant final happening on Saturday 25th February with you all.
I came to know the sexy Georgina through Plus Size Tall’s model search and am extremely happy she has allowed me to share my story with you!

Here’s just a bit about me; I aspire in becoming a role model for bigger women and teens who have confidence issues and I’m passionate about the UK fashion industry representing a variety of shapes, sizes and disabilities.

This is what drives me in hoping to become a successful size 18/20 model! I know many women feel the same and it fascinates me how strong of a force we are in transforming the fashion world as we have come so far already.

There are now more magazines embracing the likes of Tara Lynn, Robyn Lawley and Adele on their front covers and I’ve noticed more castings for ladies size 14+.

Most recently the competition Ann Summers ran is a perfect example of the public showing their love for the plus size lady as the beautifully curvy plus size Lucy Moore won their model search! Anyway I’m side tracking from what I’m here to tell you all about…

Back in October 2011 on my quest to put myself into the industry I thought I’d try my hand at pageantry and decided to enter the Miss British Beauty Curve.

I found out all about it through my Star Now account and as all I had to do was fill out a form and send off my pictures and experience, I thought why the hell not – I’ve got nothing to lose! I thought it would be wonderful way to celebrate being bigger and a new experience to try! The pageant is for women size 14+ and will be held at the Jury’s Inn in Croydon, London. After applying I waited and waited and never heard anything but I’ve learnt to deal with rejection so just carried on with life. After what felt like ages, I got an email saying after a thorough search and narrowing down the entrants, I had been chosen to represent Hertfordshire at the Miss British Beauty Curve finals! My first thought was now instead of introducing myself as Kelsey I can technically say I’m Miss Hertfordshire Curve which is pretty cool!

I also thought about what the hell I was going to wear and how I couldn’t wait to go shopping! I am quite nervous as it’s nothing I have ever done before and I might be up against some pro’s but I’m a fighter and will be giving it my all! I’ve seen a few pictures of other contestants and straight away the thought went through my mind, ‘am I going to be the biggest’, but then I realised why the heck do I care? If I am, I’ve got even more of my bootylicious body to work on that runway!

I’m very proud of myself for just being chosen and having the ability to represent my county and curvy women is fabulous! I love being British and even if I am above the average British women’s size, I can’t fit into Alexandra McQueen and have no experience in pageantry… It makes me want it even more and grab that Miss British Beauty Curve title! Wish me luck ladies, you can find more info here and follow me on Facebook here.