Short of living on Mars for the past few days you really have no excuse to not be aware of the Adele Vs Karl Lagerfeld situation. He called her “fat” and of course the world erupted! Yes, it is not nice to call someone “fat” but let’s face it, some people are. Adele is quite a big girl, yes, some may say fat, what is the big deal? We are allowed to slate Victoria Beckham for being too skinny, Jordan for having huge fake boobs, Nicola Roberts for being ginger…yet the moment the ‘F’ word is used the world goes crazy. So what if she is fat? As I stated in this post being overweight is not the end of the world. With a bit of effort it can be changed and it doesn’t harm or offend anyone else to see a fat person. Fat people can be sexy, dorky, funny, ugly, smart, sassy, attractive…they can be something to someone, something to someone else. Being fat does not dictate anything, does not mean that people suddenly become one way. It is purely physical. And shoot me for saying it but being “fat” does NOT make you “curvy” – in fact, sometimes women lose curves as their proportions swell. But being curvy is not the only way to be – it is not the most desirable shape! It is not vital to have obvious curves – you are not a fake women if you don’t have them. And to me Adele is not all that curvy, she is beautiful, but pretty much up and down.

Hence why this hit back article offended my eyes. “Fellas” like women who are slim, women who are fat, women who are curvy, women who are not women at all, inanimate objects, older women, transgenders…”fellas” do not have a type and I am constantly disgusted by people who think it is ok to make a point by going the other way. My fella, for example, has been out with several girls, all different ages and sizes and shapes. I would like to think it was the personality that captured him rather than his quest for “curves”. Being politically correct has gone too far. No way am I suggesting that we should all be like the negative trolls found lurking in the Daily Mail comments section, spewing out hatred and nasty words. But we needn’t tiptoe around for fear of offending people and lash out when someone does. People are allowed opinions, sometimes those opinions are founded, sometimes they are uncalled for, it doesn’t stop them being formed. It was not nice of Karl Lagerfeld to say what he said and definitely not needed in the context that he said it. But the following lash outs are just as bad. In order to defend someone you do not need to go all out with trying to make things better. We have become too eager to please and sugarcoat things – yes, I do it too. But sometimes it goes too far. Adele is a beautiful talented young lady, she is a singer, not a model and she loves the way she is, let her be happy let her be the one who worries about whether or not she is “fat” and whether or not it is an issue.


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