This next guest post is by an amazing beautiful pin up girl…

I’m Saffron, I have admired (read ‘drooled over’) Georgina since she posted her first fan pic on the Pinup Girl Clothing Facebook page. I’ve followed her blog since she started it as well and I’m HONOURED to be a guest blogger here.
Thank you! x

I am a lover of the 50s style and have always been massively into clothing and have always had a major obsession with dresses and all the pretty stuff that goes with them to create that perfect outfit. I love combining traditional vintage with the edgier psychobilly look. Living in New Zealand is tough having such a “different” style, this means I have a hard time finding clothing in the normal stores that I like and are truly me. And ever harder after I had my two kids because my body changed, boy did it change! I was always curvy, had boobs, the small waist and hips but I was much smaller so at a size 12 it was much easier to find clothing that fitted and worked for me. Not necessarily always my style, but I could do it and it worked. I am bigger now and much curvier, I have massive boobs, a not as small waist and massive hips. Finding clothing that didn’t make me look like a humungous blob was near impossible and fucking heartbreaking. I trawled op shops and altered stuff as best I could but New Zealand just isn’t the place for alternative curvy girls to look good, well so it seems.

I then started buying a few dresses off Ebay and altered them by taking the waist in, adding a skull button here, a bow there, a flower etc. Then I found Pinup Girl Clothing online about two and a half years ago and I was so damned happy I nearly pee’d my pants with excitement and joy. The Deadly Dames line seemed like it was made just for me as well! I couldn’t believe that there was this company selling clothing that I’d been dreaming of for so long. Obviously it didn’t take me long to place my first order and I was hooked (read ‘totally obsessed’). Since finding them I have found other companies and ordered and have quite a, ah, rather large collection of pretty dresses and separates.

I always dress in the pinup style, complete with hair flower, red lipstick and matching handbag. I stand out a lot, but I like it. I think one of the main things finding these stores that cater to my style and my body has given me, is confidence in who I am now. The ability to feel beautiful and good about how I look. I will always be overdressed wherever I go, but that’s ok.
That era of women were always immaculately presented and so delightfully poised – so I may not be poised, but damn it to hell I can be immaculately presented!

I have often been asked who inspires me and when it all started when people find out I’m from here and have always lived here, aside from a short stint in Sydney when I was 16-17. Because well, there just isn’t this style in New Zealand (well it’s becoming more popular now actually) to be inspired by and probably wonder where the hell I came from! I have always loved Marilyn Monroe and as a teenager I was utterly obsessed with her, my wall was covered in pictures, I had books, I even used to fancy myself as a Marilyn look alike!
Haha Yeah I know, I look nothing like her!! Long dark hair, dark eyes, olive skinned… But I admired her so much that I wanted to be her and I had totally convinced myself that I looked like her. I used to practise her look in the mirror for hours all the time, and honestly, I wasn’t kidding, I seriously thought I looked like her! And of course Bettie Page, another of my inspirations – so incredibly stunning. When the other teenage girls were drooling over their pictures of George Michael from Wham, the Bross boys, Terrance Trent D’Arby etc (yup I’m that old!) I was staring dreamily into James Dean and Elvis’ paper eyes on my wall, of course doing my best Marilyn!

I’ve had friends and acquaintances ask for advice and tell me they love my style and the whole 50s look but don’t know where to start. My advice is; try on some dresses to find out what style you like best, if you can’t do that research online and look through the Pinup Girl Clothing Facebook fan photos to get a good idea of the dresses on non-model peeps, then make that first step and order! There is always returns or the option of selling if it doesn’t work out. Also, invest in some shapewear, petticoats, belts, hair flowers and cardigans and then you’ll be fabulously unstoppable! I pretty much always wear petticoats with my swing dresses, I love the extra fullness and total girlyness of them! And, like Georgina, I am a belt-lover – I love how they define the waist and show off boobs and hips. And I discovered long ago that covering up only makes me look bigger, I need to showcase what I have to look my best. I love crop cardigans with puff sleeves so wear these a lot, along with cardigans in general and shrugs/boleros. During the day, I pretty much always have my hair up, and 60% of the time have a victory roll or two, the rest of the time I have a front poof with the rest rolled and pinned at the back. It’s always finished off with a massive flower, or two or a head scarf. When I go out I curl it or leave it down, never forgetting the compulsory hair accessory!

I think we all need to love and embrace who we are and everything about ourselves. I wasn’t happy with the weight I’d put on during pregnancy and just after kids, and the changes in my body so I stopped trying for a while. I found I was ‘waiting’, waiting to loose weight, so myself as a person was put on hold while the rest of my life continued on. I came to a point when I thought ‘Fuck it! I need to live for now and who I am now’. I have given away most (couldn’t help but keep some of the uber delicious ones!) of my pre-short peeps size 12 wiggle dresses and I have fully embraced my size 16 swing dress body!

A favourite quote of mine, which I try to live by, is: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today” – James Dean. I think we should all dream for eternity and live to the fullest! x”


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