A girl can never have too many red dresses!

However, it is not always easy to find so many that fit my shape (read ‘bust’) so well…enter Collectif!
As you must all be aware I do love pinup style dresses and so have delved into the glorious world of Collectif before with this very very very tight size 16 leopard print creation – ignore the bed head:

And so I was over the moon when the lovely Tara sent me a new bust friendly creation in a size 18 for me to try out! Behold…the Trina! A gorgeous velvety circle dress! Where do I start with this? I am so happy with the length, it is perfect on my 5’7 leg loathing frame! I love the sleeves, they are a gorgeous length that hide my not to beautiful arms. I adore the v neck, it is not too low, just perfectly sexy. I really like the velvet, it is just divine. And the fit on my boobs and waist…well it feels like it was tailor made!

I just can’t help myself with circle dresses. there’s something so delicious about them, they make me feel like a little girl and make me want to skip and spin, despite my huge heels! I love my tights dresses but I always feel super feminine when I wear a dress that swishes and swirls as I walk. Trina did not disappoint! The only thing I changed about the dress was…can you guess? the adding of a belt!

I chose a black belt for this particular look as it matched my shoes and bag but I could have easily added silver or leopard print accessories! This would also look great with a petticoat just to give it that extra vavavoom. I would wear this dress on nights out, to weddings, in the day, to the office (if I had one) – it is so versatile and so gorgeous! It is a bit of a statement dress but it works. Keep up the good work Collectif, it makes a pleasant change to be able to fit into a size 18 AND be able to breathe!!


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