I’m so pleased to have Brood on board for my giveaway! I think this will explain why she is an amazing woman:

Broods Big Bras is exclusively Curvy Kate, that means you will only ever find Curvy Kate lingerie in their online store, Broods Big Bras was also the very first worldwide retailer to be selling only Curvy Kate products. They are located in Australia and are an online only store who by special request can also ship Internationally.

Broods Big Bras launched back in April 2010 by Brood who wanted to help out other larger busted women find decent, supportive and feminine looking bras. She herself wears a 14/36K bra but up until a year and a half ago before she discovered the brand, was trying to squish into size 18/40E’s and 18/40F’s because that was all that was available instores such as Bras N Things, Myer, Target, K-Mart, Big W, David Jones etc. It got to the point where she realised she would have to go to a specialty bra store but put it off for a long time as she knew that she would be spending $120 and up for just one specialty bra.

She struggled all through-out her teens and adult life trying to find a bra that fitted, gave some cleavage and that didn’t look like a granny bra. Just about every place she went to tried to put her into a minimiser bra which she hated, she was proud of her large breasts and wanted to show them off (tastefully), she didn’t want to hide them away. She finally bit the bullet and visited a local specialty store, she was asked what she was looking for in a bra and mentioned the above, only then to be told by the sales lady “You won’t find a bra that will give you cleavage in your size, go and get a breast reduction and then come back and see me about a bra”. She got fitted and left empty handed disgusted by the way she was treated and turned to the internet to help find a bra.

She came across Curvy Kate online and ordered a 16/38J Portia Black Pink and fell in love, she almost cried when the bra fit and it met all the requirements and it was under $100, it was that moment that she decided that she wanted other large busted ladies to feel the same joy that she did. With her motto driving her forward that “No woman should be punished for having large breasts and be forced to pay over $100 for just one bra” a few months later
www.broodsbigbras.com.au was born, she believed in the brand that much and only wore Curvy Kate bras that she decided to sell only this brand and no other.

Broods Big Bras has just under 400 fans on Facebook and a little over 100 followers on Twitter but her biggest achievement is her blog. Talking about her boobs and bra experiences, plus giving in-depth views of the Curvy Kate bras, she decided she wanted to help out and do more and did the bra modelling herself, no one else was a K-cup and doing reviews so she thought she would show the world how amazing the bras are and that they can support the larger end of the scale.
What sets Broods Big Bras apart from the other retailers is the personal touch with in-depth email responses, being available outside normal office hours, offering specials and discounts to her fans and regular customers, plus she sells under the RRP. Also every customer gets a Broods Big Bras pink tote bag and a free gift as she wants her customers to feel special.

As a way of saying thank you to Georgina for all her help in the past Brood is jumping on board with her competition and giving one free bra of the customers choice from her online store!

Best of luck ladies!


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