Another contributer to my blog is the amazing BiuBiu!! I am so pleased to have them on board as I just adore the company!
Just to remind everyone the competition has not yet launched and yes it is open to ladies all over the world, if any companies do not cover the shipping I will personally take care of it!
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BiuBiu is a small Polish company that designs and sells clothing dedicated to curvy women.

It is obvious to us that women have a variety of shapes and that all shapes are beautiful. The secret to reveal their beauty is to provide clothes that emphasise the assets of your shape. Sounds so simple when you say it – why is it, then, that it is so hard to find clothes for curvy women? Most popular chain stores and high street stores seem to focus on slim and tall women having relatively small breasts. BiuBiu provides an alternative for those of you who have bigger curves.

All too often we still see girls despairing over their big boobs and
believing that there is something wrong with them: they will just not look good no matter what they wear. This is a misconception that should be fought against!

Nothing is wrong with our feminine shapes, or with our breasts.
Something is wrong with the clothes we try on. When you find clothes that fit your curves you will be surprised to discover your new looks in the mirror!

It was that discovery – that it is clothes that should fit woman’s shape and not the other way round – that was the start of BiuBiu, a company
established by – yes, you guessed correctly, by a curvy woman who could not fit into high street clothing.

Everything began in 2008 on a Polish internet forum for big breasted women who tried to convince lingerie designers that there are bra sizes beyond D cup. The issue of clothing was raised there
many times. Combined with her own personal experience, it inspired Kinga, now the owner of BiuBiu, its chief designer and customer support, to try making her own designs, starting with tops that would have enough space for the bust without being big all over, and when these first attempts gained approval of Polish big bust community, to start her own company to continue with the project.

And even though the reality of fashion market proved to be different than the ideal world we all live in, even though we are not able to make all the wishes come true, BiuBiu is still here today, trying to make the life of curvy girls a bit easier.

If you are not sure if there is anything BiuBiu can do for you, ask yourself these questions:
Are you frustrated by shirts with popping buttons?
Are you tired of clothes which maybe fit your bust, but give you a hunchback appearance, no waist or broaden your shoulders?
Are you looking for clothes which will not give you Arnold Schwarzenegger
Are you one of those women who have never owned a dress which would celebrate their curves?
If the answer is YES, welcome to BiuBiu, where you will find clothing cut for women who have busts, waists and hips.

At BiuBiu, we take into account that busts can be different in size. Instead of using internationally recognised sizing such as XS, S, M etc., we additionally differentiate our clothes by bust size: B, BB and BBB in
non-stretchy fabrics and B/BB or BB/BBB in stretchy fabrics. Our sizing is fully explained on our website but we are always happy to provide sizing advice by e-mail. Our current offer includes long-sleeve and short-sleeve tops and shirts as well as dresses. We are thinking of introducing some accessories such as scarves, belts and jewellery. Long-term plans include jackets and overcoats.

You can see more on our website.
You can also visit our Facebook page to like us and to share your opinions – why not let us know you are thinking about entering the Big Blog Giveaway.

For Georgina’s Big Blog Giveaway, we are happy contribute THREE BiuBiu DRESSES of the winner’s choice, to be selected from those available in our online store. These will be distributed in whatever manner Georgina sees fit. We wish all the entrants good luck and great fun with the competition!


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