Curvy Kate fans, this is the prize for you! The lovely Annella Lingerie will be offering a Portia set to one lucky winner! Here is a little more about them:

Annella Lingerie is an independent online store for branded lingerie based in Oxford, UK. We offer lovely lingerie and swimwear, in cup sizes AA-K, but especially in bigger cup sizes C and above. Our selection include the best British brands like Curvy Kate and Panache Lingerie, with their high quality and affordable prices.

We are committed to finding the best lingerie for our customers worldwide and are constantly expanding our selection. You can keep up with our news and offers by registering your details with us.

The perfect bra size is very important. A high percentage of women are wearing the wrong size, with usually the back size being too big and the cupsize too small. Bra like this won´t give the needed support that it is supposed to give. Right size bra has a great effect on how you look and the way your clothes look. Especially for women blessed with a curvy figure, it is essential to have the support of a good bra. Please take time to find out your correct size.

Tape measures only give you a rough idea where your size will be. All breasts vary in volume, size and shape, and so even women with the exact same measurements might end up with different size bras.

This is why, instead of measuring, you should concentrate on how your bra looks and feels. Remember also that you could be one size in one style and slightly different in another because sizes vary a little between different styles and brands. Some styles will also give you slightly more support than others.

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