Please excuse my wording on my previous post.

Basically in the run up to me telling you HOW to enter the competition I will be posting about the companies involved.This is to get everyone excited and knowledgeable about the brands involved! Then when you enter you must let me know if any companies involved do not cater for your size and shape and so when it comes to prize distribution I will try to make sure that each winner gets something they can wear. Some companies have given me prizes based on certain conditions and Parfait By Affinitas asked that I get people to like their FB page and let them know that they liked it via my blog. When I release details of how to enter the giveaway you will all have the same chance of winning the prizes from the prize pool. There are not separate competitions for each company, just one big competition and multiple winners. I hope that has cleared it up, please ask me anything you are unsure about!
There are many more posts to come describing what the different companies have to offer and hopefully there is something for everyone xxx


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